The Man Memes trend started in the year April 2021. It is a meme created on a man who is also addressed as Mr. Succ or the Stonks guy. The personality of this man includes a bald head and blue eyes. He became popular in the 2000s’ when memes were very new on the internet and most people were not about what is it and why are these created basically. In the year 2010, there was an artist who was known as “Special meme fresh” who created this man meme and started forwarding him.

50+ Funny Man Memes That Will Make You LOL (Men Memes)

Let’s check out the collection of the funniest Men Memes here.

man memes

Horse staring the sea

man memes


Penguin Staring

Loves women every day of the month


Pink Horse
man memes

Seagull on the shoes

Our Men

Human sketch

man memes

The woman is mad due to her periods


No experiences or achievements

Things to watch

man memes

That Moment

“Men are Dogs”

Sensitive Men?

man memes

Men be like…

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These bitches are lookin for?

man memes

Perfect time for a cigarette

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A bunch of countries talking to each other

man memes

Beardless Men

Have you caught wind of this Duck Memes

Later, in 2014, this meme came into the limelight. The meme got so much popularity that even in  April 2021, a game Fortnite was released. In that game, the character Diamond Hanz has the same personality as the Meme Man. Shocked by this information? It’s true. Now, if you are a fan of Fortnite then do notice it.

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You can exchange these memes with your friends, relatives, colleagues via different social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Most of the memes get viral from Twitter itself. The wait is over now! Start sending man memes now and get your boring day converted into the most laughable one.

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