Eat a live Murrel fish and cure Asthma is what people feel. This fish was being distributed by Members of Bathini Goud family on Wednesday as ‘prasadam’

murrel fish prasadam hyderabad

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This fish is served along with a yellow herbal paste and it is believed to cure asthma. It was reported that the formula to cute asthma was given by saint after taking an oath to their ancestor in 1845 with a promise that treatment would be done for free lifelong.

Lakhs Of People Queued Up In Hyderabad For 'Fish Prasadam' That Cures Asthma

This yellow herbal paste is stuffed into the murrel fish which is alive and then the asthma patient need to swallow the fist. It is believed that your asthma problem can be cured if you take this fish for 3 consecutive years.

fish prasadam that cures astama

There is no proof of its medicinal qualities still number of people visiting Hyderabad is increasing and this year arrangement for 5 lakh people has been done for prasadam. However that family has said that this prasadam is effective and it’s samples have been taken to Germany and Japan and got tested in japan. It is said that when live fish moves, wagging its tail and fins through the throat, it clears all congestion, thus it cures asthma.

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