There is Gaurav in every one who loves Shahrukh Khan but do u know from where he actually got inspired to play the character of a crazy fan in his latest movie ? Obviously from a real life crazy fan.

You will be shocked to know this !

The movie Fan is made by Maneesh Sharma a Shahrukh Khan’s Fan himself and for hundreds and thousands of Fans’s like Gaurav. Whoever watched this move are highly impressed with Shahrukh’s acting and in this movie he has gone beyond his stardom. After a long time he has hit the box office hard with a very impressive acting and story line and now those people who hated Shahrukh have become his fan. Their is Gaurav in everyone who loves Shahrukh but do you actually know who inspired his to take up this role ? from a crazy real life fan.

Did you know Shah Rukh Khan’s Gaurav avatar is inspired by his Real fan ?

According to a daily, Deepak Kalra a die hard fan of Shahrukh has inspired him to make this movie. He said “Deepak said a dialogue to me and the way he spoke impressed me. I have used a few personality traits of his for Gaurav’s character in Fan, especially the way he makes the sound of opening a bottle’s cap and kissing towards the end.” Shahrukh has also thanked Deepak for inspiring him and wished him all the luck for his future.

We are sure Deepak might have felt privileged to become his idol’s inspiration, though SRK is a superstar in all sense he really seems thankful to him Deepak.