We all are very much familiar with the great personality of John Cena. It’s his lovable personality that has made him a fan favorite. WWE Network’s most popular Superstar still has a dedicated following and he regularly appears in movies, on television, and hosts WrestleMania each year.  Who’d have thought that the face of WWE would be the source of so much laughter? But the Internet never fails to amaze us with its creativity, and John Cena memes are certainly no exception. From his unorthodox ring entrance to his funny dance moves, he’s brought a ton of joy to wrestling fans around the globe.

50+ Funny John Cena Memes

If you’re an avid wrestling fan, you’ve seen John Cena’s signature taunt. As the Cenation Leader, his “You Can’t See Me” catchphrase is often cheered by fans as he pops open his wrestling vest to reveal a T-shirt of his design. Being the most popular John Cena Meme which entertains his fans.

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John Cena’s “You Can’t See Me” catchphrase has taken on a life of its own. WWE super fans like myself have enjoyed mocking it for years, but now memes have given birth to some pretty hilarious variations of John Cena Memes.

You Can’t See Me (sometimes abbreviated as YCSM) is a catchphrase and taunt used by WWE wrestler John Cena, who employs the phrase when he performs his “Five Knuckle Shuffle” finishing move. It was originally derisive and used by Cena’s opponents as part of their repertoire of taunts until the fans took it up as a rallying cry during Cena’s matches and merchandise bearing the phrase became best-sellers of John Cena Meme.

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Cena’s catchphrase is famously known for its delayed response time, after which the wrestler says “Can you see me now?”

John Cena’s signature taunt, “You can’t see me,” actually has a pretty funny origin. According to WWE.com, Cena practiced the taunt in high school with one of his wrestling buddies as a joke, as it was meant to make the opponent think that he couldn’t see him coming.

The taunt, which can be delivered by Cena or one of five other performers, comes from John’s friendly relationship with fans. The move is just too quick for the opponent to see coming.