From smart measuring cups to microgardening kits, these are the best restaurants equipments that you should invest in this coming year.

1) Pancake Bot Pancake Printer

The Panckae Bot pancake printer is perfect for cafés, breakfast buffets, and making a memorable first impression at trade shows. This device lets you trace any design and it will take care of “printing” the design for you using a 3D printer that uses pancake batter. It even lets you use food coloring so you can create pretty, colorful pancakes in any shape, color, or form.

2) Drop Smart Kitchen Scale

The goal of this Bluetooth-connected kitchen scale is to limit the number of utensils you use to a single bowl. This is a compact, lightweight but durable kitchen scale that will measure your ingredients in ounces or grams. It can even measure temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The magic lies in its ability to rescale entire recipes and suggest ingredient substitutions in a pinch.

3) Range Smart Thermometer

This smartphone-connected thermometer can be inserted into the deepest cut of meat or submerged in caramel and will quickly let you know via its accompanying mobile app if the food has reached your desired temperature. It’s the perfect device for precise temperature control when grilling, roasting, brewing, and candymaking.

4) Taylor Measuring Cup

This is an all-purpose, 2-in-1 gadget that combines a kitchen scale and measuring cup. The Taylor measuring cup measures by weight, not by volume, and will display its measurements using a handy LCD screen on the handle. It will also convert 5 preset ingredients (flour, sugar, water, milk, and oil) from ounces to cups.

5) Perlli Chilled Serving Bowl

Take a scoop of ice from your Manitowoc ice machine, pour it into the bowl, and place the serving sections over the ice. This will keep fruits, veggies, appetizers, dressings, dips, and other items best served cold cool and fresh for up to six hours or more.

6) Microgarden

There are plenty of microgardening solutions available on the market that let you grow fresh herbs, spices, and crops all year round for your restaurant. Some use soil-free systems that typically use water-based material as a growth medium. For example, InFarm’s microgardening kit uses a seaweed-based agar-agar gel that stays hydrated the entire time.

7) Peres Electronic Nose

Prevent foodborne illnesses with the help of Peres, an electronic device that scans raw meats, including beef, pork, fish, and poultry, for signs of spoilage. It looks for various indicators of spoilage, such as temperature, humidity, the presence of ammonia, and volatile organic compounds and will let you know via an app if the meat is fresh, unsafe, or spoiled.

8) Ember Smart Coffee Mug

The temperature of coffee has a huge effect on its flavor. People love coffee when it’s piping hot and when it’s ice-cold. But when it’s in the in-between stage where it’s lukewarm, coffee lovers love to hate their cup of joe. Ember combats this with a smart coffee mug that comes with a heated coaster. You can set the coaster to the ideal drinking temperature to keep the coffee hot until the very last drop.

9) Simplehuman Smart Trash Bin

This ultra-hygienic trash can doesn’t have you fumbling with the cover to throw something out. You can use voice control to open by simply saying “Open Can.” it also has motion sensors that will open the trash can with a wave of the hand.

10) ChillTHAT Ice Cream Bowl

Keep a bunch of ChillTHAT ice cream bowls in your walkin coolers to be ready for use when you need to serve cold food items and want to keep them frozen. These polypropylene bowls use a thermal cooling fluid that can keep ice cream frozen for up to half an hour after you take it out of the freezer.