Is Acrylic or Glass Best for Picture Frames?


Are you confused about which type of picture frame to buy? Or to be even more precise are you confused about whether to buy an acrylic picture frame or to buy a glass picture frame? As such you can always buy acrylic photo prints online or glass photo frames as well but the real question is which one?

Well, this article is all about this confusion as such we have tried to make a clear distinguishing article that will clear the air between them and the buyer will be able to choose between them with a clearer picture in their mind. For instance, we will be covering various aspects of picture frames such as the material, quality of photo frames, their ability to preserve art or picture, and many other things.

Is Acrylic or Glass Best for Picture Frames?

The market is filled with an enormous amount of glass picture frames and acrylic picture frames in India, making it very hard for the buyer to choose between them. The main part of any picture frames are their covers as such with the help of the cover only, the viewer would be able to view the art or picture. Therefore having a cover with glazing material would enhance the integrity of the picture frame making it more capable of protecting the picture from outside damaging forces.

Therefore let us begin the article with the obvious question Is Acrylic or Glass Best for Picture Frames? Down below we have listed some of the top differentiating facts in order to make things clear between glass picture frames and acrylic picture frames.

1) Glazing material used in picture frame covers:

There are mainly two types of material used for picture frame cover that have managed to stay in the market for such a long period of time and they are glass picture frames and acrylic picture frames.

a) Acrylic picture frames:

Acrylic frames are stronger and have a higher ability to resist possible damage while delivering the product as such they have more strength and don’t break often. Due to such an unbreakable tendency, these acrylic picture frames are quite expensive as compared to glass picture frames as such acrylic is one such material that can break but would never shatter.

Acrylic picture frames are more clearer due to their non-glare option and are lightweight in nature making them more susceptible to constant relocation.  Acrylic picture frames are capable of preserving the art more efficiently as such they can easily protect the picture from dust, harmful electromagnetic charge, and from the forming of condensation on the frame. It can also protect the picture from a certain amount of UV light as well depending on the type of the frame.

b) Glass picture frames:

Glass picture frames can reflect a very little amount of light and usually comes with a green tint. The glass picture frames are less expensive as compared to the acrylic picture frames but being a glass product they are highly delicate and can easily break therefore their shipping charges are quite high.

Glass picture frames are also heavy making them harder to carry and hang on the wall. Due to such a heavy and brittle combination, many artists or picture holders tend to avoid buying glass picture frames as such it can break while shipping or after falling and will damage the art or picture in it.

They also catch a small amount of dust as well as a small amount of electromagnetic charge while blocking a certain percentage of UV light. Condensation is yet another issue that can be seen on the surface of the glass picture frames.

2) Quality of the picture frame (Clear or Non-Glare):

 Before choosing the ideal picture frame, the buyer must also consider the clear and non-glare aspects of the picture frames as well.

a) Clear finish picture frames:

Clear finish picture frames are used by a certain crowd only as such the clear finish picture frames don’t dissipate the color of the art or soften the colors of the photo or the artwork. The viewer would be able to see the depth of the color and the clarity of the picture in the frame. It would seem like looking at the art through the window.

But it has a downside also, the clear-finish picture frames usually catch flares if they are kept near the sunlight. They would reflect the sunlight and would obtain a certain amount of glare on the picture frame.

b) Non-glare finish picture frames:

Non-glare finish picture frames are capable of avoiding glare when kept under sunlight making it highly in demand where sunlight plays a major role in homes, offices, studios, or where the amount of sunlight reflecting on the picture frame is higher.

Non-glare finish picture frames soften the color of the artwork therefore it is highly recommended for the user to use plain colors like black and white for such frames.

3) UV protected picture frames:

The picture or the art inside the frame can be damaged by many things, UV light is one such thing. If the picture frame is near the sunlight then it is obvious that the frame and the artwork inside it are getting UV light. Thus if the picture frame doesn’t come with UV light protection then the artwork inside the picture frame would eventually lose its quality and crispy ness of the color over a period of time.

Therefore always opt for the high-grade UV protection picture frames as such they will protect the artwork from UV light and would extend the life of the artwork or picture as well the life of the picture frame. As the grade of the UV protection frame increases, its price will increase.


We hope that the article helped you to make up your mind and clear the air in order to provide you with a more detailed picture of which picture frame to buy. Therefore read the content provided above and choose according. For instance, if you have to keep your artwork near the sunlight then opt for non-glare picture frames while on the other hand if you want to have a frame with a crystal clear view then opt for clear finish picture frames. While buying anything online, you should prefer made in india items to show some patriotism towards your country.

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