Traveling abroad once in a lifetime is a dream of every Indian. Fascinated by the cultural value, nature’s inspired views, and of course a treat of delectable food always inspired the people of India to set their foot once on the foreign ground. But the biggest barrier that comes in between this dream is a heavy spending of Money. As there is a general belief that going abroad requires a good sort of investment. And here is why most of us drop down the plan of traveling to abroad.

But, the good news is you can experience an adventurous out of India trip within your budget. As there are some countries where Indian Rupee floats higher and make you feel like a king while exploring the beauty of these places without sweating much of your money. Also there are some online Travel Platform like MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo that can help you with Tour packages at low cost!

This article covers top 6 countries where the value of Indian currency is high, thus making your travel cheaper. Let’s take a look at it:

International Destinations Where Indian Rupee Stand Higher

1) Mongolia

Mongolia a country located between Russia and China, is the first choice of wildlife geeks. Surrounded by beautiful nature inspired landscapes, it’s the dream destination for photographers & adventure lovers. The Mongolia trip can surprisingly fall in your budget as 1 Indian Rupee counts for 33.7 Mongolian Tugriks.

2) Nepal

The neighboring country, Nepal is a perfect travel destination for nature’s lover. From trekking the snowy covered mountains to visiting Pashupatinath & Boudhanath temples, and reaching Everest base camp is full of adventure. A trip to Nepal can easily fits in your budget as 1 India Rupee is equivalent to 1.60 Nepalese Rupee.

3) Vietnam

If you are looking to spend some days away from the cities fast paced life, then heading Vietnam is a perfect choice. A place to experience the astonishing beauty of nature. From snowy beaches, beautiful sea spots to admirable temples, tombs, and Buddhist towers, Vietnam enrich you with its cultural heritage. And of course Vietnam’s flavorsome food and best coffee is something to feel over the moon. Enjoy a trip to Vietnam been easy on your pocket as 1 Indian Rupee hand you with 316 Vietnamese dong.

4) Indonesia

Indonesia is the ideal spot for all the beach lovers. With countless scenery beaches, Indonesia is perfect place to visit for a honeymoon trip. The rich culture, adventurous underwater experience, and the incredible rage of cuisine’s will spell bound your journey. Et a rich experience of traveling to Indonesia when 1 Indian Rupee can make you rich with 205 Indonesian Rupiah.

5) Sri Lanka

A country blessed with its ancient culture, history, and fascinating natures sceneries, it is great place to visit for rejuvenating yourself from routine stressed life. Relax lazily on the alluring beach spots of the country. Get to have the blissed spiritual experience by visiting ancient & traditional temples around the country. A trip to Sri Lanka is affordable with Indian currency having high value in the country. 1 Indian Rupee counts to 2.33 Sri Lankan Rupee.

6) Iceland

Make your journey to the magical land of waterfalls, volcanos, and breathtaking icy & lush green landscapes. The charm & pleasing sceneries abound you with the sort of paradise experience. Best place for photographers and natures lovers, a trip to Iceland let you experience the world of wonders. Get an unforgettable traveling experience to Iceland without putting a load over your pocket. The Iceland trip is budget-friendly with the value of 1 Indian Rupee equals to 1.58 Icelandic Krona.

I hope this article help you unlocking some of the beautiful places to visit for abroad trip that fits in your budget. Now, you already have a plenty of options to choose for your next outside India trip. With Indian currency ruling over these countries, you get to have the best vacation experience without spending much of your money.

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So, what are you waiting for…. Pack your bags, wear yours googles, & fly off….