Did you know you could buy hunting gear online from places even from platforms or stores mostly known to sell fashion, home appliances and other everyday merch? Well, you can.

Hunting game or camping outdoors can be more fun when you have the right gear, but do you know exactly where to get them online?

There are several successful Shopify stores, and following are 10 where you can get all your camping and hunting gear for your next expedition.

10 Essential Camping and Hunting Kits You May Need

10 Essential Camping and Hunting Gear For Beginners

1) Hunting Jacket

Predators, poachers, people; game can spot them miles away in some cases promoting fright and flight reducing the chances of a kill. Wearing a tactical camouflage jacket helps here.

The Men’s Tala Hunting Camouflage Jacket is designed to blend with the surrounding bushes. It also comes with a hood for complete obscurity. It can be worn all year round and is both water and windproof. Made from shield light fabric with a Dintex membrane this baby is tough enough to handle anything you throw at it.

There are also fitted women Tala hunting jackets, that hug your body in all the right places.

2) Binoculars

From binoculars, rangefinders, rifle scopes to cameras and all between, this tool is truly game. The Hunter Specialties 10 x 42 Ed Binocular is a true winner when it comes to field deployment.

It has multi-coated layers for protection, produces crisp high contrast images and can magnify an object up to 10 times its original size for the perfect shot.

3) Stove

The Solo Stove is a best-in-class outdoor cooking utensil that is rugged, tough and efficient. It fuels fire with preheated oxygen thereby reducing smoke and cooking faster.

Besides this stove there are other kits you can buy; cooking pots, stove accessories, aluminium windscreen, tripod stands and replacement parts for the stove.

The stoves come in different sizes, small enough for 1 or 2 persons and big enough for hunting parties of four or more people.

4) Firesteel

Light My Fire Swedish firesteel is a “military-grade fire starter” that can ignite your solo stove. It is lightweight not weighing more than 51g. This stainless steel fire starter was originally developed by the Swedish Department of Defense.

Another cool feature of this fire starter is that it lights even when it is wet or raining; whatever the weather or altitude.

5) GPS Personal Locator Beacon

Your safety is paramount and always comes first. Getting lost or trapped in some wilderness is a real-life danger you may face out there no matter your hunting expertise or experience.

This is where the Mansfield Hunting and Fishing ACR ResQlink 406 MHz GPS Personal Locator comes in handy. You should carry one around whenever you’re on a hunting trip.

It records your precise location and relays your position to a worldwide network of search and rescue satellites, a necessary precaution if spending more than a day or two out in the wilderness.

6) Compass

To avoid getting lost in the wild you will need to carry a compass with you (and actually know how to use one). The Silver Field Compass has map measuring capabilities in the form of a little base plate rule in mm.

It has clear indicators and a nice grip too. This will help to ensure that you’re always on the right track.

7) Camping Knife

The Tanto Camping Knife is an 8” long knife that can rip right through any obstacle you might encounter like branches and twigs. You can also use it to cut meat, food, ropes as well as for self defense.

A knife is one of your most reliable tools when on a hunting trip, keep one handy. The Tanto Camping Knife has a 3.5 inch stainless steel blade with a paracord wrapped handle plus a matching sheath.

It is both big enough to conveniently cut almost anything you want and small enough to be carried in a pocket.

There are other cool camping and hunting gear you can get from this Shopify store, all essential for survival outdoors.

8) Survival Backpack

To carry all that gear you will need a backpack, not just any backpack but a tactical hunting backpack loaded with compartments and made from durable material, and Survival Life’s BEST OF GEAR KIT Backpack packs a punch.

The kit has 13 survival gear including the backpack, it has a blade knife, emergency survival space blanket, paracord pod fishing kit, hybeam tactical torch, and water purifying iodine tablets to mention a few.

9) Hunting Crossbow

There are still people crazy about hunting with crossbows. It’s a fine way to hunt game and not get into trouble if you follow crossbow hunting rules and regulations.

You can easily pick one of several like the 175 LBD Hunting Crossbow which comes packed with a bunch of arrows and shoots at speeds of up to 329 km per hour.

It’s got an aluminium body and weighs around 3.4 kg, it also has a laser sighting tool and an automatic safety valve.

10) Ballistic LT Spinning Reels

Maybe you’re scared of coming face-to-face with a wild boar, or maybe after some time in the open wilderness you want to cool off by a lake side. Either ways this fishing reel is probably what you need.

The Daiwa Ballistic LT Spinning Reel is a popular choice among fishing enthusiasts. It’s got a state of the art design and technology to make a fishing trip worth your while.

It could be used for freshwater, inshore or offshore fishing. Compared to other fishing reels its size this one doesn’t weight much at 0.16 kg.


Having the right tools or gear makes camping or hunting an enjoyable activity. These will start you on your journey to exploring and enjoying the great outdoors.

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