A traveller found out the bitter reality of how various parts of Bali can be from one another when she happily showed off the mesmerising panorama from her hostel.

Luna De Fauw, a Dutch tourist, posted a video she captured from her hotel balcony in Canggu, Bali, on TikTok in December.

She started her video by showing the immaculate pool inside the hotel grounds and then moved on to a muddy field with incomplete houses in the background.

The video was posted with the caption“Bali Insta vs real life,” Ms De Fauw’s video presented nature’s blue poolside tranquillity adorned with lined-up deck lounges, manicured lawns, and palm trees.

The camera moved the next door to a muddy expanse having traces of grass and isolated buildings, with a huge construction site a bit away.

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The audience on social media expressed their opinions on Ms De Fauw’s post regarding Bali by naming it “overrated,” but some agreed with the well-known tourist destination.

Few social media users have criticized Ms De Fauw’s attempt to save money on her Bali vacation, saying her to “pay the price” for a more luxurious experience.

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The “Insta vs Reality” travel culture indicates the difference between the ideal and over-edited versions of travel places that go grab the attention on social media, in comparison to the more mundane or even negative side of those same experiences. Tourists uploading videos that present a beautiful pool only to move further and show off a construction zone or barren surroundings is one example of this situation.

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By only presenting the alluring or picturesque view of their travels, like a beautiful pool, and hiding or displaying less of, such construction zone or barren surroundings, these tourists are putting forward a twisted and not so real portrayal of their experience. This can lead to incorrect impression for viewers and ultimately lead to disappointment when they reach the same destination and discovers that it is quite different from the idealized version they witnessed on social media.

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