Floating breakfasts are turning out to be increasingly well-known with each passing day. If you are among people who love Instagram, you might have found pictures of floating breakfasts posted on influencers’ or celebrity’s pages.

Floating breakfasts are much used in warmer areas. This is due to the homeowners are to have their breakfast in outdoor places. Which implies that the weather has to be conducive. They are as a result more well known in the Pacific and Asia.

Floating breakfast

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A huge chunk of people say that floating breakfasts rose from Bali. But turns out no one knows the particular resort or person who discovered this idea.

“All you need to create an ideal floating breakfast is a pool float for food and beverages and a pool or plunge pool. Plunge pools are the best since they are smaller. Here, guests can sit while partially immersed in the pool water as they enjoy their breakfast. Using a crowded pool for floating breakfasts is not a good idea” says, GENERAL MANAGER AT AMANJIWO IN BALI, JANN HESS.

No denying the fact that social media has a huge contribution to making floating pools look luxurious. But, it is not easy to enter and sit by the pool as soon as you wake up. Standing in the pool immediately after waking up needs too much energy. So, can we conclude that they are particularly designed for clicking pictures on social media?

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Floating breakfast

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James Booth, who is a Sydney-based reporter for DMarge.com, goes on, “Floating breakfasts are quite challenging to execute. There was a time I got the opportunity to eat my breakfast in the pool at a certain time. Well, I ended up oversleeping, and I couldn’t have my breakfast in the pool”

General Manager of Koh Samui’s all-pool-villa Cape Fahn Hotel, Timo Kuenzli, reveals that a majority of his hotel guests in the year 2020, requested pool breakfast. “People now invest in capturing moments. As a result, floating breakfasts are becoming more popular.”

Floating breakfast photos are turning out to be a nice tool for advertisement plans for our resorts. The moment people see such pictures online, they want to experience the same.

As a result, there has been much more demand for their experiences. Resorts, eventually, have to stand up to their expectations and demand.

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