People always talk how men constantly objectify a women and judge them on their looks. Well let us tell u that the other side is also not that good either. Women judge a Men on their wallet all life. If you have a full pack wallet with cash and you drive a Audi or a BMW then girls go crazy for you.

Pranav Panpalia and Rishabh Rai exactly wanted to expose that what happens when you drive a Audi and approach a girl for a date and on the other hand when a middle class guy asks a girl out who doesn’t have that much of bank balance.

In the below video these two guys play a prank on a girl who actually is a gold digger. The first guy approaches this girl and asks out for coffee but he gets rejected by an excuse that she already has a boyfriend and she doesn’t know him. After sometime another guy comes in an Audi and asks her out for a drive and a date and she agrees.

Check the below video to find out how this Indian Gold Digger got a lesson for life when these guys pLayed a prank on her.

Video Credits :- Rishabh Rai