People distributing water to the thirsty in summers in very common but a Ahmedabad based man has started distributing Buttermilk for free. He thinks instead of water, buttermilk helps best remedies for heat-stroke and poor people cannot afford it.

Man Distributes Buttermilk Free To Help Beat The Heat In Ahmedabad

This awesome man with big heart is Dinesh Gupta, 44, who stays in Naranpura. After distributing water to heat affected people for 3 years, he then started distributing buttermilk free of cost. By profession, Gupta is a land developer and distributed 1,000 litre of buttermilk which has cost him around 20,000 Rs. He has 5 mobile ‘Chhash distribution vans’ in the city.

He said “For last three years, I had been distributing water to the people here, but this time I thought of distributing buttermilk, as it cannot be bought by poor people, especially labourers,”

When asked about his reason for doing charity, Gupta said, “I used to see policemen, salesmen and labourers working on street under the direct exposure of sun. I also witnessed some cases where people fell ill or lost their lives due to dehydration, while they were working in extreme heat. So, I thought of finding a way to quench the thirst of people.”

Gupta started distributing Chass (buttermilk) from April and will continue doing it until rains arrive.

Keep up the great work Dinesh Gupta Sir, we all are with you always 🙂

News Source :- TOI