When you are at a high profile bar having a whiskey or margaritas with your gang of friends and when you see your bill all the alcohol you have had will magically fade away and suddenly you will realise that the amount you got to pay is huge. But in Pune you don’t need to worry about it.

When you are at Bar Bar, yes it is a famous bar in Pune where you can drink more and pay less.

The More You Drink, The Less You Pay At This Bar In Pune


The More You Drink, The Less You Pay At This Bar In Pune

Bar Bar is located in Pune in Phoenix Marketcity mall on the ground floor. The owners of this Bar are the one who already run Shizusan & 212 All Day Cafe & Bar. With a lot of new Bar’s coming up, all of them are trying to come up with some exciting offers to attract more and more customers.

At Bar Bar restaurant if you order a single drink then it might cost 180 Rs but if you order 12 drinks for all your friends then it might just cost you 90 Rs. Isn’t it really sweet.

Bar Bar in Pune

We hope a lot of people visit this awesome Bar and if you are in Pune then Bar Bar should definitely be on your list of must visit places.

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