There is no dearth of fun-filled travel destinations in India. We have some of the most beautiful mountains and valleys, adventurous trekking routes, monuments of great historical significance, and more. However, in this blog we will focus on the top 5 coastal destinations in India that you must visit before you die:

5 Indian Coastal Destinations You Must Visit Once in Your Lifetime

1) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the perfect getaway destination if you seek respite from the fast and hectic urban life. The weather and ambiance here are second to none. There are also so many things you can do here including parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving and more! It’s also one of the best places in India to host destination weddings as you can just book a small island to tie the knot in one of the most romantic places on Earth!

2) Goa

You know that this list won’t be complete without Goa. It’s a favorite among teens and young adults who like to experience true freedom and the best nightlife, and bask in the beauty of gorgeous beaches and hotties. You will get all of this here, that’s for sure. However, did you know that the place is also famous for its casinos? It’s true that the industry of online casino India is growing rapidly by offering access to popular games like poker, slots, etc. with huge cash prizes, but if you want some real-world experience with these games, then Goa is one of the few places in India where you can have it. This is because gambling is pretty much prohibited everywhere else.

Goa needs no convincing. If you want to live in a paradise even if just for a few days, then it’s strongly recommended that you visit this beautiful place at least once in your life. You won’t regret it.

3) Pondicherry

What makes Pondicherry so unique and interesting is its French legacy. Here you will find basilicas and chic boutiques, colonial styled villas with compounded walls and stately doors, and walls of colors peach, sunburnt yellow, etc. all of which are hard to find in other locations in India. It’s literally the place to go if you can’t afford to go to France.

Apart from French architecture and culture, Pondicherry has a lot to offer. For instance, there are many beautiful beaches here that are replete with fun and frolic, a cuisine that has a unique blend of traditional south Indian delicacies and French-inspired seafood, and more. So, whether you are here with friends or family, you will create some of the best memories, that’s for sure.

4) Marari, Kerala

Everyone knows that Kerala is synonymous with exotic weather, food, and culture, and the Marari beach is the perfect place to enjoy all this. Located in the Alappuzha district, this awe-inspiring spot that’s dotted with coconut palm trees will provide you all the peace and tranquility that you need to make up for the stress that you have acquired from your work life.

Marari beach is ideal for relaxing and chilling out with friends and family. However, you can also make your stay more memorable by visiting key attractions like the Kerala backwater canals, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, etc. It’s also a good idea to visit the place during August as you might get to watch a snake boat race.

5) Diu

If you live near Gujarat, then you can visit Diu which is a union territory located near the Gujarat coast and offers a glimpse of Portuguese history in a calm atmospehere. Compared to other popular beaches in India, its beaches Ghogla beach and Nagoa beach are cleaner and clearer which also reflect the pristineness of this place.

One of the best things about Diu is that it’s home to the Diu fort which has a special place in the Indian history. Established in the 16th century, this beautiful fort was built by the Portuguese with lime mortar and sandstone. It’s pretty spacious and houses 3 churches which is incredible. Other notable attractions of Diu include the Naida Caves, Zampa Gateway, and Gangeshwar Temple. Diu might not be most popular coastal destination in India but the absence of a large number of tourists also makes this place a good option for creative individuals like writers and painters who want to come close to nature for inspiration.