India V/s America Memes Are Viral on The Internet & People Are Going Crazy For it.


The India Vs America meme is overflowing on social media platforms. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, meme creators just can’t get enough of it. That’s interesting, isn’t it? No matter what is happening in the world, meme makers are always ready to pick the most trending news to create funny posts like India Vs America funny memes to keep their audience engaged with entertainment.

India Vs America Memes: The Agenda Behind the Trend

Let’s dive deep into the post.

America: I will work hard to become successful in my life.

India: Kuch kar aisa, Duniya banna chahe tere jaisa

America: Is there any special occasion today?

India: Aye yede tere baap ka shaadi hai kya re?

india america memes

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America: Dani Daniels

India: Shruti Haasan

india america viral memes

Australia: No

India: Sham tak batata hu

America: Hou got a hot girlfriend

India: Itni badi item bomb tere pyaar mai giri kaise?

We all are absolutely aware of how different both countries are. There is no comparison between India and America. The culture, religion, language, festivals, everything differs from each other but yet, meme creators find something interesting to make, and fill the empty space in the online world.

Currently, a brand new trend is going on which is labeled as “India Vs America Memes” in which the flag of both countries is displayed, and it is shown how India is different from America, and what happens in different situations in both the countries.

The Flag Exhibition:

Some Twitterati’s has replaced the Indian flag with the flag of Pakistan and displaying how different America and Pakistan are. Memes are those things that can make you stress-free if they are funny or sweet, and people of India and America have always been kind to each other. The agenda is not only to entertain people but also to grow stronger with each other. The flag of America and India are wonderful in every manner, and we hope to see them together in future development ventures too.

The Funniest India Vs America Memes Are Here:

Scroll below to find out the funniest, and coolest India Vs America Memes that you cannot hunt anywhere else!

india v/s america meme mirzapur

memes india v:s america viral

America: Mom all people in this house are lazy

India: Is ghar mai sabhi seth hai.

America: Sorry, Wrong Number

India: Kutreya saala dekh ke number dial kar

india v/s america memes viral trend

America: Happy Birthday, May god bless you, lets celebrate


America: Nice fragrance

India: Ahhh Kadak hai

kachra seth america v:s india memes

America: I don’t know, who are you

India: Bol na Mada*ch*d kon hai?

india v/s america sacred games meme

Foreign country: We cannot marry

India: Abba nahi manenge

America: Boyfriend Girlfriend

India: Nibba Nibbi

We Love You America: 

The cultural activities that happen in India, and America both deserve to be appreciated. We hope the bond between both countries will keep growing. Share the India v/s America memes with your buddies living in both countries, and spread the love!

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