Motherhood is special for every couple. It is a time when they welcome a new member of their family. Someone who signifies their love for each other. However, many a time women feel deprive of love when they enter motherhood. This article is for all those husbands, who don’t do or those who don’t know the importance of male partner’s support during the motherhood phase.

If You Cannot Support Her During Motherhood, How Are You Her Husband?

When a lady enters motherhood, she is going through a lot of mental as well as physical changes. This is the time when she requires a lot of support from her partner. However, if at such time, the male partners throw dialogues like,

“I can’t pick up the baby, I am too tired. It was a busy day at work.”

“Mom was telling, you don’t breastfeed the baby at right time and intervals, what do you do all day if you can’t do this?”

“I can’t deal with your mood swings. You are not like the first woman to become a mother… I cannot be pampering you for this.”

“You have a TV, phone, books, a baby, why do you get bored the whole day? If I had an easy life like yours, I would be so happy!”

“Once in awhile changing a diaper is OK. But I cannot do that as a routine. I am not ashamed or anything but I work outside too. You are just taking care of the baby. So this much you should do.”

Motherhood is the phase when there is a test of love, togetherness as a husband and wife. At such time, the husband shall stay in her support as a rock. This will not only relax his wife but also it will motivate her to become a good mother.

1) After pregnancy, your wife is broken in many ways!

After giving birth to the kid, your wife goes through a lot of physical and mental changes. She is already going through the pain of pregnancy. Besides that, there is also an emotional war ongoing where she is continuously thinking about whether she will be able to become a good mother or not.

At such times, a little gesture of love and care will not only heal her pains. But also, it will provide her with a lot of strength in order to effectively face all such pain and war of feelings. However, if she won’t get this love and support from you. It will leave a long-lasting scar on her heart.

2) Treating her with respect is your responsibility!

In the post-pregnancy period, your wife is a lot tired. She not only has to take care of herself but also of the kid. You cannot assign her orders and tasks without taking her opinion. Don’t shout on her if she gets late to breastfeed, or change the diapers of the kid.

Your kid is also your responsibility. Therefore, she will definitely feel good if you will take care of the small little things about her. During this phase, a pat on her back or rubbing her head and consoling her can make her happy for sure. Besides, it is also your responsibility that no one points finger at her during this phase.

3) Don’t make fun of her emotional pain. See it from empathy and love!

Considering the emotional pain, a woman goes through after pregnancy, it is worst! Not only her body is not accompanying her. But also, she is in the mid of a lot of thoughts. About her career, about being a mother, pain in the body parts changes her body is going through and emotions related to the newborn baby. These are the things, which a woman goes through for the first time in her life.

No TV, Smartphone or Game can heal her except the love of her husband. If you make fun of her emotions at such time, she would feel left out! Therefore, as a responsible husband, it is your responsibility to take care of her during this phase. If you will do that right, she will definitely love you more than ever!

I hope these ideas will be helpful to you while supporting your wife during motherhood. For reading more such articles, keep following Don’t Get Serious.