This week witnessed something, every Mumbaikar was eagerly waiting for! After almost 3 months of emptiness, the lifeline of Mumbai, i.e. Mumbai Locals is back on the track on 15th June. But, it is a lot different than what was the usual scene. In this compilation, we’re showing you the changes in the functioning of Local trains!

Only Essential Staff Workers!

Essential Staff Workers mumbai local

Mumbai Locals are functioning, but it is only for the essential staff workers. Although, there are confusions ongoing among the police department on, who is the real essential service worker! This rule is strictly being followed by all the stations.

Less number of Operations

mumbai local train covid 19

Locals are not operating at their full-fledge. The number of operations is 200 on Central Railway and 162 on Western Railway. At present, locals are only for 1.25 Lakh essential service workers in the city.

Limitations on Passenger Capacity

Despite the average carrying capacity of the Locals is 1200, it can only carry up to 700 passengers. In order to follow the social distancing norms, this rule is in place.

Round the Clock Disinfection

railway station

To prevent the spread of the pandemic, the stations are going through the disinfection process multiple times in a day. Proper disinfection is necessary because it kills the particles of the virus.

Strict Checking Multiple Items along with Thermal Screening

In order to ensure that no person with infection boards the locals, thermal screening of passengers are done multiple times. Similarly, to prevent normal people (apart from essential staff) boarding the trains, the police are doing checking at multiple points.

Full-Proof Security Everywhere!

The police officers are ensuring safety not only on the stations but also inside the trains. They ensure that people are maintaining social distancing in the trains. Even people are ensuring that they strictly adhere to social distancing norms.

Normal citizens are still waiting for their turn to travel in the locals. We hope this pandemic comes under control and we can again travel in the locals!