It seems that the problems of Mumbai aren’t ending soon! Ever now and then there is a huge plunge in the cases in one or another part of the city. Malabar Hill is an add-on to the list of COVID19 hit regions of the city.
malabar hill mumbai coronavirus cases

During the lockdown, there was a strict ban on the movement of people. Therefore, the domestic help workers were at their home. However, with the commencement of Unlock-1, there is no ban on their movement. People were glad, that now they wouldn’t be required to carry out tedious household work.

But, this was certainly not a good reason to be happy for residentials living in a plush residential complex on Napean Sea Road. After the domestic help workers started coming back here, there is a sudden spike in the number of cases. In the last 7 days, this complex has recorded 21 COVID19 patients.

Out of these 21 patients, 19 are the domestic workers. i.e. Driver, Servant, Security Staff etc. Perhaps, this also led BMC to seal this complex. Prashant Gaikwad, who happens to be the Asst. Municipal Commissioner of the D Ward said on this,

“House helpers work in different flats in the building and may have spread the infection. The entire building had to be sealed to break the chain of spread.”

After the sudden spike in cases, it’s complete sanitization was done before sealing. Apart from that, it is strictly instructed to the people, not to go out. Further, Prashant adds to reflect their arrangements,

We have shifted the domestic workers and security staff to quarantine centres and told the residential complex society to sanitise common toilets at least four to six times a day.

It’s becoming difficult to face COVID19. Nothing is safe right now, not even the air we breathe!