Procrastination, anxiety, stress are the feelings that you come across whenever you are assigned a research paper? Oh, you are not alone since compared to simple essays when you do not worry much about requirements, research alone predetermines some time from you to spend on it. Logically to assume, you never want to burden yourself with tasks and assignments, and regularly refer to essay writing help. On the other hand, you can also try and recruit your willpower to write a top-notch research paper. So, some tips gathered from the experts may greatly assist you with that.

What Stays Behind Research Papers?

How to Write a College Level Research Paper

As the name suggests, a research paper is a pure product of your own research, critical thinking, and composition. The main perks of such papers are the presence of obligatory primary and secondary sources. On the other hand, it should not be a summary of a topic or a report on one book or source. You should spend prolific time investigating your topic from different aspects, manipulating the data and facts from third sources, and coming up with your feedback, and research what can be added more. In simple terms, you do not just focus on drawing the reader’s attention to the topic but involve them in reading what has been researched before you, and your added investigations.

As of now, there are two types of research papers – argumentative and analytical ones. An argumentative research paper is the art of the reader’s persuasion where you should write the material which can be negotiable or controversial. A good example is a topic dedicated to active smoking and passive smoking. Who receives more harm? You can agree that passive smoking is the same as dangerous when you just inhale, but you can also agree that active smoking is dangerous.

Analytical research paper, in turn, is dedicated to the exploration and evaluation of a topic. For instance, you have read a Shakespear’s masterpiece and want to offer others take a look at it from another aspect.

How to Start Writing?

First off, we recommend all students refer to their educational establishment materials. Most commonly, your college may offer online guidelines or instructions where you can familiarize yourself with the basic requirements. If not available, you can also refer to other online college websites. Then, you can rely on essay writers. Finally, you can choose for your reference, the next tips.


When you are done selecting the topic, you should start with the research. Experts recommend not focusing on the Internet only because you won’t come across enough credible sources. Your research should involve – Internet/Online sources, Library materials, Archive files among others. For instance, when you find an online article that is linked to your topic, you should evaluate its credibility. Who wrote that article? Is the evidence there inspires confidence? Is the language objective or biased/emotional? When it comes to library materials such as journals, books, you may find out the main researchers who dedicated time to investigating your topic.

Your research may involve quotes, citations, tables, interview pieces and so on. The more the better, however, ensure to fit it all in the main body without inserting them into the introduction.


Based on essay writers, the outline is a renowned skeleton of any paper or essay. It just helps you to structure all the findings. For instance, after collecting evidence and facts for your research, you can group it into a draft. One tip for the road, no need to focus on outlining the introduction at first but proceed with the main body. Many experts agree that the best thesis or a hook is composed when you are almost done writing.


After the outline, your writing attempts, and most importantly – done thesis/hook, you should do your drafting. Proceed with it only in the case when you answered all the questions. You may ask yourself whether the research paper covered all aspects, whether there was enough evidence among others.


This step is the most crucial because many students just fail due to stupid mistakes. Ideally, you can always rely on Grammarly, an online editor that underlines and hints at grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes, or Hemingway App which tells you about hard-to-read sentences. Then, you should spend some time overlooking your language or word choices. As per academic writing services, do always remember that a fancy word or term won’t bring any value to the reader. Simplicity is the best tool.

It is also worth saying about events when you find out your research paper should be rethought or reworked. Some students may delete the whole work because of total dissatisfaction. No need to hurry up and write it off all as lost. Try to read your paper to your friends or relatives and ask for sincere feedback. If it really is poor, and you have enough time, redo it. Or, again refer to the college research paper writing service for immediate assistance. Note, such custom academic paper writing services may manage even the tightest deadlines.