Everyone of us prefers to put on sneakers, loafers or sports shoes with our jeans. But, ever thought about putting your formal shoes under your jeans?  Yes, it’s possible, and it can suit you well. But, there are certain rules you need to follow to blend your formal shoes with your jeans. Today we are going to tell you How To Wear Formal Shoes With Jeans.

How To Wear Formal Shoes With Jeans?

Let us dive into the DOs and DON’Ts of the match because it is a rare thing to match formal/dress shoes with jeans, but once you pair smartly, it is the most versatile combination.

How To Wear Formal Shoes With Jeans

Wear the right type of shoes: How To Wear Formal Shoes With Jeans

Wear the right kind of shoes. It’s said that a person is noticed first by his/her footwear, then on his/her face and then by his/her outfit! It is not just the jeans that make you look handsome, but shoes also play a crucial role in your clothing. One of the great matches with jeans will be ‘Derby’ formal Shoes. Compared to ‘Oxford shoes’ these shoes are way better concerning looks, fitting, shape and vamp placement.

“Brogues” are one of the best selection, but it matters what type of jeans you put on. Slim fit, Skinny fit or straight legged jeans can suit your shoe.

Loafers: The best type of jeans to wear above loafers is the one which makes the best show off of your loafers. Example: Tapered Jeans.

“Chukka Shoes” can also be an option, but they won’t ultimately justify the tag of formal shoes. If you are going to a party, and you prefer jeans in parties that too some funky one, then “monk straps” will be the best fit!

The main advantage of Monk Straps is that: Instead of laces, you have either a single or double strap of leather that fastens with a buckle and closes the shoe. Tapered, Skinny, and slim fit jeans mingle the best with Monk Straps.

And the last option to go for a formal shoe plus jeans combination is “slip-on” shoes. Though they fit into the semi-formal category, they are widely wearing at formal side.

Wear right type of Jeans:

Well, many of you will consider any kind of jeans as just jeans. To tell you, there are Skinny, Slim, Regular, Relaxed, Loose and many other types of jeans. Now, to look smart in combination on formal shoes with jeans, you will have to choose your jeans smartly. Jeans with lighter wash, those jeans who have holes in them and those distressed jeans fall under the ultra casual category and will never go with formal shoes. The best option to suit the formal shoes is: Slim or a Regular Cut

If you ask me about the colour of jeans, then any dark coloured jeans would work for you. But yes, don’t let the colour of your jeans and shoe blend. For example: Don’t wear black formal shoes with black jeans. Rather, put some shades of brown with black jeans.

Other Details to focus upon:

Before you fit your jeans with your shoes, it’s the importance of shape, material, and colour which you need to consider. Your top outfit tells a lot about your styling sense. T-shirts or the sweatshirt are the worst picks. A well fitted collared shirt is the best thing for normal occasions. You can also add a blazer to your apparel to justify the type of function. Make sure, everything you wear defines your personality in its best way. The combination is unique and smart because it is an intelligent mix of cool casuals and sharp formals. You hit it right, bang! Congratulations! You have the best combination and if you hit it wrong, Sorry! Better luck next time. And always remember, “People make shoe contact before they make eye contact!” and “A person with good shoes is never ugly.”

I hope you liked the suggestions and How To Wear Formal Shoes With Jeans which I shared with you. Let me know in the comments section was the information useful to you or not?

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