Best chaniya choli dress for girls in Navratri is what everyone wants as Navratri is the most awaited festival in Gujarat as people in Gujarat are crazy and very much fond of Garba dance which is also famously known as the folk dance of Gujarat. A number of people from a different state visit different cities of Gujarat like Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara just to enjoy and watch the Garba and Dandiya. As you all must be knowing that during Navratri, we worship goddess Durga ma and on this occasion, people do the garbage for 9 days as a worship.

Best chaniya choli dress for girls in Navratri

Best Chaniya Choli Dress For Girls in Navratri

Today we are here to discuss 7 best Chaniya Choli Dress For Girls in Navratri. As we all are aware of how much girls love to shop, so they start preparing and start buying this so that they can look gorgeous in this festival.
Though there is the number of ways available to look amazing in Navratri, we will be discussing the Best 7 Chaniya Choli Dress For Girls in Navratri

Girls are very fond of looking unique and different in Navratri and they search for tips and tricks they can apply on herself in order to look completely different. Without discussing anything further let us see the Best 7 Chaniya Choli Dress For Girls in Navratri

Mentioned below are some of the important and necessary things which all girls must apply during Navratri.

  1. Choose the Best Colour.
  • As per your colour complexion of your skin, you must be knowing that which colour suits you the best. And girls will be knowing this very well. There are thousands of dresses and accessories are available which you can wear during Navratri but if you know what colour suits you the best, then buy accordingly.


  1. Buy Matching Accessories.
  • The dressing style represents your personality and if accessories are properly matching then it is more amazing. You must choose the kind of accessories which actually matches with your dress. Otherwise, it will look a little bit awkward, but then there are girls too who intentionally choose the mismatched pair to check how they will look.


  1. Put on the Waterproof Makeup.
  • Try to keep your makeup as simple as possible and waterproof. When you do the garbage, your makeup spreads because of sweat. So, try to put on waterproof and light makeup otherwise you will look horrible.


  1. Don’t Forget the Bangles.
  • Apart from various accessories like necklace, earrings, and payals, don’t forget to buy matching bangles.


  1. Apply Ice Cubes Daily.
  • As you know, Navratri is very near and girls focus a lot on their face skin. Start applying ice cubes on your face daily, it will keep your skin cool and you will look more beautiful.


  1. Prefer Cotton Chania Cholis.
  • Wearing very high quality or heavy chania cholis can be the little bit uncomfortable. Try to buy cotton chania cholis so that you can do the Garba comfortably and fast.


  1. Eat Healthy Food.
  • To look good during Navratri, it is very important to maintain the good body. Try to eat healthy food so that whatever you wear, you will look amazing.


So, Garba Girls, what are you waiting for? Start applying these Top 7 Ways to Look Pretty For Girls in Navratri. Enjoy!

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