Looking for How To Wear Chinos? Chinos have been around from the time of WW2 and they have been through it all until this day. It was a staple in the wardrobe of a typical 2oth Century American man. Chinos were usually worn by the military men and men from certain other trades. With this impeccable guide on How to wear Chinos, anyone can master the art of wearing Chinos like an absolute boss.

How to wear Chinos: Everything you need to know about them

Here are some of the things you are going to need to know about Chinos before you pick one out for the occasional outing. Refer the guide to know how to wear them in the best way.



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Chinos date back to the Spanish-American War of 1898. Soldiers gave it the name “Chino” because chino in Spanish means China. Apparently, they were made in China giving them the name.

Formal and Casual chinos


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The differences between these two are sparse considering they are too little to notice. However, Formal chinos are a bit different in structure rather than in looks. The formal ones are made of cotton twill instead of wool, which is the case for casual ones.

Some features that set the formal chinos apart from the casual ones are front slant pockets, optional pleats, cuffs, etc. Furthermore, Casula chinos look more like denim jeans and have standard side pockets, standard hem, and flat felled seams.

How to wear Chinos?


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Chinos are the best for semi-formal occasions. They are not dress pants and one should get the difference right. They are fine for a night out with friends or a family dinner. Another important thing to keep in mind is getting the right fit.

Chinos are usually slimmer pants and make sure it fits perfectly before buying them. Slimmer guys will look good in flat fronts and the guys with some more extra pounds can go for the pleated ones.

What to wear with Chinos?

what to wear with chinos

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Chinos are versatile. Aside from getting the fitting right, the versatility is among the best features. Pairing them with a cotton shirt, tie, and a blazer can make up for a  dashing casual outfit. Throw in a chambray shirt and masculine shoes and it is the go-to combination for a date.


chinos colors

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Choosing a proper color can make all the difference while sporting a chino. Navy, caramel, Olive, and Charcoal are all year round colors. Light and Pastel shades work best in the summers and wear deep and rich colors in the winter.

Shoes that go best with Chinos

shoes with chinos

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Almost every kind of shoes go with Chinos but make sure both of them aren’t the same color. Base the shoes on the overall look of the outfit. For a casual outfit, boat shoes, canvas or leather sneakers, or desert boots will work. Brown oxfords or brogues work best for formal outfits.

We this comprehensive article on How to wear chinos by Don’t Get Serious will give a proper insight on the topic. It also serves as a proper guide in case you need quick tips about wearing Chinos.

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