The style is the statement- The statement that describes the personality, the statement that makes you well-managed, the statement that keeps you in trend. Whether it’s Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise, Jhonny Depp or Brad Pitt or the Bollywood handsome hunks like Salman Khan, John Abraham the sense that makes them stand out of the race is their-“Fashion Sense”. They have been able to establish themselves as the Style Statement initiators, what they were in films that all are a trend in the market. The year 2017 the men’s fashion industry has come up with some best attires to keep you in trend and match-up with the style statement which not cohesively exists in European country’s or American continents, but do trend in “World Fashion Market”. Taking onto the demand here we present you the 7 Mens fashion trend to keep for 2017:-

Mens Fashion trend to Keep for 2017

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1. Printed T-Shirts

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Believe it or not, this trend will never go. Printed T-Shirts are the best one to buy and most handpicked. The trend which started way back a decade is still the most preferred one, the legacy of wearing the T-Shirts with jeans as you can remember “ White T-Shirts with Blue Denim”  still exists.  Although the bottom attire still shifting and changing but the power of Printed T-Shirts still the same, it was well fitted on your torso during 1990’s and today after 27 years the bequest still upended at the top.

If your wardrobe is empty without this T-Shirts then Sorry Man! You’re out of the league of being called the “Style Absorber”. The Tees with the quotes, the tees with the slogan both are in demand, but highlight yourself by keeping your tees fresh matching you from top-to-bottom.On the behalf all Fashion Hunters I assure you with the guarantee that- Keeping it fresh and keeping it long, the first fashion mantra for 2017.

2. Cuban Collar Shirts Mens Fashion trend

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Standing tall, looking up- is this posture, are you freak of wearing sunglasses and Goggles’ then for the gentlemen like you, Cuban Collar is the best. I don’t know whether you agree with this fact or not but Cuban Collars make you feel taller psychologically, and psychology says “ The man who feels being taller in the society is the man who feels more confident.” Just imagine yourself in the party where you’re taller at least 1-2 inches more than others, you’re the most highlighted one and the more you get highlighted the more people will judge your fashion sense. To make it confident appealing Cuban Collars Shirts will add attractiveness to your look.

Suggestion based on various fashion articles and magazine quoting Cuban Collar shirts-Do wear your Cuban collar shirts both with and without a blazer. The shirt is a great standalone piece but looks exceptionally cool when paired with a blazer. Bonus points when you wear your shirt collar over your blazer lapels. Alternatively, you could even play around with wearing this shirt with a suit for an unexpected twist on a traditionally formal look.

3. Refined Athleisure for Mens Fashion trend

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Ever thought of being not to appear boring with your casual office type look, then you must follow the Refined Athleisure. The menswear is being contrasted with sportswear since long and Redefined Athleisure is the combo of both. At the same time, you will look well dressed & casual as well as hot-runs Sportsmen. This style statement is being followed by many celebrities in last year autumn fall and to be continued this year too. So, don’t need to worry if you have the pairs of Refined Athleisure attire it’s the trend this year too and most probably for upcoming years too.

The moment when tracksuits and hoodies started disappearing from the wardrobe and considered to be out-dated Athleisure took over it with and reminded us that it’s here, you just need to redefine your looks by adding something new to it like- Tracksuits and tees with hoodies, Active Retro Sportswear, Subtle patterns etc.


4.Wide Leg Trousers for Mens Fashion trend

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If you’re thinking about the bell-bottoms then sorry it’s already being outdated during 1980’s. The too old to opt for,  It’s highly recommended not to go with Bell- Bottom pants, wearing it will make you look funny and unwanted. Coming onto the trend of Wide Leg Trousers- it has looser cuts and shapes. The most eye-catching one in the retail shops as we have been too using to wear slim-fit jeans this broadens bottoms will again remind you of 2000’s-2006 where jeans with broadening bottoms were in trend. But this is far far better than those what you use to wear 10-12 years back- this is more advanced one and more suitable one which will define your look.

It’s always superlative to start with the masterpieces. So, if you’re additionally classical apt, then color-wise go for a pair of black wide legged trousers well postured and proportionate. The Humble, the smooth and modish, they’ll create the flawless adjunct to any appearance, whether it’s formal or casual.

5. Vertical Strips for Mens Fashion trend

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The long vertical striped t-shirts and shorts- Did you remember the fashion shows? The tall men with full top to bottom with strips is the good replacement of checks, it was the time when checks were preferred more and the vertical strips were struggling but due to internationally boom in the fashion industry, the Vertical Stripes is the must have in your wardrobe. Internationally, recognized strips go onto the different European countries you will find this trending. Vertical Strips for some man makes him more linen and slimmer.

The trend for strips is well noted as always there for men from past few seasons and carrying forward the value to it- this will exists this year too. Vertical stripes fashion creates an illusion of your figure; because the eye is attentive on the aspect of the shirt, it unsurprisingly meanders up and down, giving off the illusion that you’re taller and slimmer than you truly are. Horizontal, however, does the reverse, it creates the illusion that you’re broader and wider.

6. Retro Sportswear for Mens Fashion trend

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Remember Sergio Tacchini, Kappa and Fila sat alongside the designer’s own discrete Cyrillic typeface, come back to the fallen sportswear giants to the vanguard of the attention of Europe’s fashion elite, the trend of Retro Sportswear still on the boom and this boom yet to come. The best examples include Panelled sweaters, roll-necks and tennis sneakers from Fila which were paired with Kappa’s tape-branded tracksuits, bold colorways and Sergio Tacchini’s clean, the court-inspired aesthetic was entitled with a post-modern Soviet makeover by Moscow’s were most in-demand.

Across European countries, almost overnight, these brands were hauled hindmost into the fame. While all three had experienced partial success in recent years through a tortuous third wave of football unpremeditated soppiness and some smarter, limited and premium collections, they had mainly flagged in a Sports Direct no man’s land, their finest hours and most worthwhile instants an aloof recall. The trend for Retro Sportswear is still onto the shores and likely to hit up the market very soon. Although the trend of wearing Retro is still there upcoming season will be the boon for it, it has pulled up their socks to hit into their wardrobe.

7. Checks for Mens Fashion trend

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Well, not out-dated yet. The checks are still the best wear the only thing to keep in mind have the best match with what you are wearing with checks. Still, the most trending ones the check shirts are most preferred by men. To create your own look, teaming a pair of winter-ready checked trousers with a cutaway collar shirt, Blazers will give you the best look. Although, the trend had shifted its axis now the blazers the pants with checks are in demand and 2017 will keep your checks in demand. Remember the stars and celebrities which you saw last year on screen, they were wearing this outfit.

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So, here was the 7 Mens Fashion trend for 2017. Hope you would follow the trend and could become the trendsetter in your friend circle. Try those trending keeps, to keep yourself well updated with the trend of Fashion for men 2017.