With the Advent of the Space Age Technology called the Internet, commercialization has shifted from a more realistic to the Virtual World. Entrepreneurs have elevated their commercial status from confined geographical limits to globalization through E-Commerce. This advancement brought up the need to explore better ways in order to transfer cash more easily and rapidly without barriers of locality and reach. Paytm has achieved the goals through its E-Wallet system that benefits its users singularly in the most appropriate ways. Over the last couple of years, Paytm has elevated their numbers to 150+ Million users when it was the need of the hour in India during demonetization of Indian Currencies.

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7 Reasons Why Paytm has given me the Best Shopping Experience Ever

With this post, I am going to share some of the advantages of Paytm use from my personal experiences that will surely overwhelm my readers. Below are seven reasons that are guaranteed pros of the service with regard to shopping and payment flexibilities;

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Easy Money Transfer

In the first place, Paytm was solely intended for digital payments through mobile wallets that would have substituted physical transfer of cash from person to person. Its motive grew with the need of cashless transactions to be achieved during the period of Demonetisation and has kept proving a success ever since. Paytm provides cashless money transfer without any transaction charges incurred. It is only when we link our bank accounts with Paytm to transfer the amount to and fro our bank accounts. Regardless of the number of transactions made by the mobile app, Paytm incurs no charge for the transfer.

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Paytm Reduces use of Debit/Credit Cards

Paytm saves extra budget and taxation that are levied on the users of many Debit/Credit Card prior to or after utilizing it for payments. It has been an easy alternative to spend money through Paytm where we as users are not hassled to pay our monthly dues within time limits as is the case of the card system. In fact, Paytm users are not prone to pay any dues at all. If you feel that your bank cards are swiping off your budget bit by bit, this service is for sure the solution you would want to try out.

Flexible services with Cash backs

A wide range of flexible service is provided through Paytm to the users to swiftly transfer cash. This additionally, gets the work done by enjoying the comfort from standing in queues for the payment services. Paytm provides access to book online tickets for Movies, Bus, Train and Flight. Also, it serves for other services and utilities like electricity and water billing, Mobile Recharges, Petrol, Tolls, Amusement Parks, Hotels and much more. For every transaction that I put across through the app, I receive a fair discount or return that I can spend elsewhere. Now that is something that has really been advertised in the advantage of the service too externally.

Paytm Online Shopping Store

Above all, Paytm has evolved to its separate Online Shopping Store that provides us the benefit to shop and save through a great deal of Discounts and Cash backs. Users may receive and spend Cash backs that they inherit by purchasing products or in any other acceptable manner. With Paytm Online store, you can get anything that you wish to buy from appropriate sections of the stores. There is also an easy and automatic refund system to the Paytm wallets. Users can access this in case of a product cancellation from the partner stores. Hence, dealing out the Paytm money for shopping online through its store adds certain advantages as a user to me.

Secure Transfers

When it comes to money matters, we often require assurance from the dealer to keep our earning safe and sound. Paytm has achieved the PCI-DSS certification to secure transactions made at every point. Bank Accounts details and access to the E-Wallet is a higher risk than actually carrying money in your pocket. Paytm with its security features and OTP messages sent to users has helped keep our confidential information safely encrypted and locked with log-in/log-out feature of the App. There is no way an outsider can access the transaction through the Paytm wallet. I can confidently say this because the service makes use of PIN number system. This number is set by the user himself for his or her wallet. Hence, due to this kind of security measure, I feel it is safe to stick around with the Paytm app.

Tracking Spends

Paytm Passbook records all transactions through which we can keep track of our spending. This is a plus point in two folds. Firstly, we are aware of our transactions all the time through payment history. Secondly, it can help while filing income tax returns to explain our spends. It is also beneficial for tracking our money when our mobile is left unsecured and someone makes transfers that we aren’t aware of. There is a very rare chance of that happening as I explained regarding the security of the service. However, if the same does happen, then the user will come to know thanks to the passbook records.

No Change Worries

Mini stores and Vendors also have begun accepting money through Paytm where change and returns are not in hand. Whenever you are out on the go, for sure you do not hold every single change. Similarly, the store or vendor handlers are at the loss of the same. When it comes to making the payments, “Change” is a big issue most of the times due to its absence. Now, with Paytm wallet money, users can pay exact amounts directly to the cashier. Hence, regardless of the cost, anyone can receive the exact change through this online wallet system.

Well, there are plenty of reasons that can go on with the Paytm services, but these may suffice. Hopefully, these details on 7 Reasons Why Paytm has given the Best Shopping Experience Ever has been significant for our readers. Stick around for more updates by dontgetserious here.

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