People are crazy about Subway burgers as it is the only outlet across the India that allows you to customise your favourite burger and you can have it in the way you want! But being a businessman, do you want to open a Subway Franchise in India and wondering whether it will be profitable for you or not? Then you have landed at the right place.

Subway is serving in not only 2-3 but in 102 countries and having more than 30 branches. So, does it need more marketing to make itself a popular name? The answer is surely a NO.

Cost of Subway Franchise In India & Investments:

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As Subway is already a name for delivering quality of food items, customers are already in love with Subway and visits their frequently. It will be quite beneficial for those who are interested in becoming Subway’s Franchise. Below are the investment details that needs to be done if you want to open a Subway Franchise in India:

It is required to have a 170 Sq. Feet area to open a food court for those customers who refers proper vegetable food items and other 350 Sq. Feet space for non-veg lovers. In order to run a Subway franchise successfully, at least 8 personnel are required and the basic operating investment amount will be around 1 Lakh per month. The rate mentioned here can be vary depending upon the rules and regulations made by the Subway for those who wants to open a Subway Franchise in India.

Is It Profitable to Tie Up with Subway?

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Started in 1965 its been years since Subway has made its name and made lots of struggle to be at this position. This is one of the most loved restaurants in the entire food industry across the world and the Subway has confirmed that they do not use beef and pork in food in India as they believe they should not hurt the sentiments of the Indian religion which is followed by millions.

If you have a deep idea about how Subway works, what food items it serves then opening or taking its franchise is really a good option for you.

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How to Apply for Subway Franchise?

Those who wants to open the Subway Franchise needs to collect the brochure from Subway in which all the details regarding how one can open Subway Franchise in India is written. People needs to first understand all the rules and regulations and follow the instructions provided in the guide. If you fill in all the criteria of Subway then you will become eligible for opening a franchise.

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Contact Details of Subway:

Subway Systems India Pvt Ltd.
B 11/1, Okhla Industrial Area , Phase II
New Delhi -110020
Telephone: 011 41754035, 011 41708082.


Visit the official website of Subway if you still have any queries. There you will get all the answers to your questions!

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