Getting a Schengen Visa is an achievement for many people. There are many benefits of getting a Schengen Visa. Getting this one Visa you can wander around 26 countries freely. The present article on, How to Remove Schengen Visa Rejection Stamp on Passport is for our such kind of readers, who are looking for the ideas for getting their Schengen Visa approved. So go through the article and get your Visa done.

How to Remove Schengen Visa Rejection Stamp on Passport

How to Remove Schengen Visa Rejection Stamp on Passport – Easy Tricks

Here are some of the best possible ways using which you can easily remove Schengen Visa Rejection Stamp on Passport. And get your visa to visit the Schengen countries.

1. Present a proof of Accommodation

Now at the embassy, you have to present a proof of Accommodation. The place where you will reside during your travel. Bookings in the Hotel or the invitation from the organization on behalf of which you are going the visit these Schengen Countries.

2. Get a Travel Insurance

The visitor also needs to get a travel insurance whose duration is covered during all his tour till his return to the home country. It is necessary to get a travel insurance for the visitor.

3. Present a Valid Letter of Reference

It is necessary to provide a valid letter of reference while applying for the Schengen Visa. Other it might result into Schengen Visa Rejection Stamp on Passport.

4. Provide the Proper Travel Itinerary

You need to show the proper traveling schedule at the embassy. Beginning from the booking at the hotels, air tickets to each and every night stay. Your whole schedule must be proper.

5. Check your Passport before presenting

You must check your passport before presenting it in the embassy. There shouldn’t be any kind of damage done to the passport. Apart from that, it is necessary to check out the dates on the passport.

6. Provide Relevant Statement of Purpose

You must be clear about your purpose of visit to the Schengen countries. And you must mention it properly in the Statement of Purpose. Moreover, it is necessary to provide the embassy with the whole information regarding your travel as well as stay.

7. Show the Valid Travel Documents

The travel documents which you are going to present at the embassy must not be false. They must be true in order to avoid Schengen Visa Rejection Stamp on Passport.