Looking for How to impress a girl? Ever met a girl at a party and got attracted to her? Here are our some of the tricks for the guys who are looking for tips on How to Impress a Girl You Don’t Know. Well, for guys it is a natural phenomenon. But very less

How to Impress a Girl You Don’t Know – Easy Tricks

How to Impress a Girl You Don't Know

Looking for the ideas on How to impress a girl? Go through these easy tricks.

Get Her Attention

1. Leave a Glance: Give frequent glance on her. Make her realize that you are looking at her. As soon as she catches you looking at her, you must take your eyes away from her.

2. Make Eye Contact: Now after increasing her curiosity in you, you have to make an eye contact with her. By now, she must be looking at you. This is the best way to make an eye contact. If she doesn’t look, then she isn’t interested in you.

3. Appear Distracted: Appear as if you are not comfortable. If you are with your friends, stay away from their conversation. Act like the world means nothing to you before her.

4. Give Her a Smile: Now, it’s time to give her a smile. After giving frequent eye contacts, increase the arc of your lips and smile at her. If she doesn’t smile back, your game is over man.

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How to Start Talking?

Next, on your answer to How to impress a girl after getting her attention you have to start talking with her.

5. Wait for the moment: Now, its turn to go to her for talking with her. All you have to do is to wait for the right moment for talking to her.

6. Get her to you: This is the time of approaching her. Or make her approach to you. You can pass on a smile and make it clear that you want to talk to her.

7. If a group of girls, then – If the girl is in a group of her friends, it can be risky to approach her. Go to her, and look at her. Only at her.

8. If just two girls, then – If the girl is with her only one friend. Things are easy for you. Go to her, talk a bit. Also, include her friend. But keep your focus on the girl whom you like.

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