Many people dream of being there, and those who are there are really fortunate. Getting a US Visa is one of the toughest tasks for any person in the world. The present article on, How to get US Visa Approved in the first attempt is our ultimate guide for the people who are planning to visit, study or settle down in the United States. If you are one of them, then go through our article.

How to get US Visa Approved – What you must do?

Here are the simple tips and tricks you need to follow. In case you are looking for answers to the question on How to get US Visa Approved.

1. Be Planned with regards to your visit

If you say the consulates, that you are going to the US just because of vacations, it will create a doubt in their mind. There are many better options available. In order to avoid such kind of situation, get some information regarding any event happening around the place you are going to visit. And mention the same in your itinerary.

2. Keep all the documents ready

If you are looking for the ideas about How to get US Visa Approved in the first attempt. Then you have to be good at your documentation. The list of important documents are:

  1. a. DS-160 ONLINE NONIMMIGRANT VISA ELECTRONIC APPLICATION from the Consular Electronic Application Center website
  2. Passport

3. Remember the details of your documents

Although, the consulate doesn’t demand or notice or documents much. You have to remember each and every detail of those documents. As an even little difference in your word and the number in the documents can become a reason of your VISA rejection.

4. Schedule the interview a month before your travel

Many of the people will suggest you schedule your VISA interview at least before 6 months of your travel. But, the most appropriate time to go for the interview is 30 days. You neither have to be too early nor too late for the interview.

Although, if you are going there for some seminar or wedding. It is better to schedule the interview as early as possible.

5. Pick the earliest possible time for interview

Your VISA Application depends a lot on the consulate. After all, he is the one who will decide about your visit. Morning time is best for the interview as humans are happiest at that time after a good night’s sleep. So it will be better if you schedule the interview in the earlier part of the day.