Every person who is born between October 24 to November 22 have sunshine Scorpio and are very notorious by birth, trust us they are always surrounded by mystery. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars according to ancient Roman mythology.

Here’s everything a Scorpion would like you to know

1) They are very Loyal

Scorpion born people are very loyal in relationships

A Scorpio born person is extremely loyal when in relationships but yes let us tell you that if you break their heart it will be very difficult to earn the trust again.

2) They are very intense

scorpions are very intense

They are very passionate about what they do, Scorpios are super intense and they don’t open up to unknown people very easily but can easily attract anyone towards them.

3) They share their sign with some famous celebrities

Humaima Malik, Bill Gates and Anne Hathaway

celebrities who are scorpion

4) They are highly competitive 

scorpions are highly competitive

Scorpions are ambitious, determined and goal oriented. They are always hungry to get more in life. Their attitude to work hard and compete with other people takes them to the top and succeed.

5) They are brutally honest

scorpions always speak the truth

Whatever they say always comes from straight from the heart.

6) Scorpions don’t express much and are very emotional

Scorpions don't express much and are very emotional

Scorpions are never an open book and you need to get very close to then to know what is going in their heart. They are very emotional for people whom they love.

7) They can also be a little…seductive

scorpions are seductive

They have that killer personality and can charm anyone.