“Happy New Year 2020”, a year which is completely new and brings new hopes and adventures in life. Every individual face multiple types of difficulties in life but that is the only time when people become mature and learn how to solve the problems.

Life take test of us by examining us in different ways and the only good thing in this is we learn from experience. So, Happy New Year 2020 is nearby and I hope you all must be getting ready for taking new resolutions, right?

No idea what resolutions to take? Don’t worry! Here you will find a good number of Happy New Year 2020 Resolutions Ideas. But before we proceed let us discuss what New Year is and what is the importance of celebrating it.

We will dig deeper into the history of celebrating Happy New Year. So, shall we start? Let’s start:

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Happy New Year 2020

A time or say a day at which a brand-new calendar year starts which we call famously by the name of “New Year”. The celebration of New Year happens in different manner in different cultures and religions and mostly it is celebrated on 1st January and it is declared as a national holiday in (some) countries. However, the private companies keep on working!

Across the world, the Georgian calendar is being used today and even in the Julian Calendar and Roman Calendar same pattern is followed. Apart from these two calendars, in other parts of the world, other calendars are used.

People consider it as a new chance to start a brand-new life and forget what has happened in their past life and if still it haunts them, they try to fix it. As mentioned above, we should always thank god for giving us and showing us new days and giving us the hope that everything will be fine.

Moving forward, let us checkout some of the top Happy New Year 2020 Resolution Ideas:

Top 10 New Year Resolution Ideas for 2020 Year:

New Year 2020

1) Learn Something New Every day:

Want to learn something new and serious about your career? Don’t want to stick at only one field? Then this is one of the best Happy New Year 2020 Resolution on which you can start working on! Pledge that you will learn new every day. Learning something new does not mean that you will only open books and read it, instead you will learn from reality too. For example, if you have some bad habits you will learn how you can quit them or you can improve your working methodology and so on.

2) Exercise Daily:

Stressed at work? Want to feel some relaxation? Then, meditate every day! Meditation every early morning can really make you feel fresh and you can even feel the freshness entire day! Exercise not only helps in loosing weight but with the help of it, you can also feel relaxed and stay positive at your workplace. Sometimes, we get so much busy in our work that we even forget that we have life beyond it too and we start neglecting our body. But taking care of body is as equally important as earning money because it is your body that have to function properly.

3) Play Games:

Technology has changed all our habits, right? We have almost forgot the kind of outdoors games we used to play in summers! Those were the days! Because at that time we were not aware of “smartphones” and “laptops”. But this New Year we can again start playing games, now it can be either outdoor games that includes physical activities or it could be indoor games in which brain is used!

4) Start a New Hobby:

Love hobbies but don’t have time to work on it? Then plan your schedule now and start working on your favourite hobby. Hobbies are known as one of the best stress busters. It not only makes you happy but also improves your metabolism and your ability to concentrate on your work and other things!

5) Improve Your Eating Habits:

Do you eat lots of junk food? Do you ever imagine what harms it is causing to your body? New Year is the best time to quit, quit do not represents to stop eating what you love but it represents to eating it once or twice a month! It will be good for you only and not for others. If you will switch to healthy living you will slowly and gradually start observing the changes in your body and it will definitely make you look more amazing. This point is especially for the young generation who does not believe in eating the home food instead they regularly explore new foods. Exploring is the best thing but when it comes to food, you are the only person who need to take care of your body.

6) Start Reading:

If you are looking for ways that can help you in improving in your vocabulary then you should start reading. You can read love stories or you can even watch documentaries or the shows of genre that you love. With the help of this your concentration, reading and listening power will also get increased. So, take this as a resolution and read regularly for half or 1 hour.

7) Explore the world:

If your life goals are beyond your imagination and you want to explore, explore and explore then start saving money! Pledge that you will save money and by the end of the year you will save that much amount of money with which you can visit your dream destination! Yes, it is quite a daunting task because there are other things that are priority but you can do it by categorizing the thing. For example, try to spend money behind those things only that you actually need. And then check after few months. You will be happy to see that you have saved a good amount of money.

8) Start Thinking Positively:

Negative thoughts keep haunting you? Then this resolution decide that you will only think positive. When ever a negative though hits your mind, close your eyes and start thinking in the opposite way. Initially you will face difficulties doing so but after few weeks or months you will realize that you are now having solution of each of your problem.

9) Stay away from your phone:

Not whole day of course, but for few hours! It is necessary! As I said already, technology is replacing everything and because of that we are neglecting many beautiful things! When you are back from your work, keep your phone aside, do dinner with your family members, go for a walk after dinner, talk with them, share your happiness and problems with them and see how good you will feel and you will get a good sleep too.

10) Enjoy present instead of thinking about future:

We always say that “we will do this and that” in future but when we plan for future, what we miss is the “present”. Don’t think much about what tomorrow will bring instead think how you can create memories in present. If you will think in that way, you will start enjoying your life. No one knows what tomorrow is going to show us, life is a big mystery so instead of solving the puzzles, live your life today. This New Year, promise yourself that you will not worry about tomorrow!

Mentioned above are the Happy New Year 2020 Resolutions Ideas, now the next thing we will see is the Top 10 Party Ideas for New Year 2020. Excited? Let’s begin:

Top 8 Insane New Year Party Theme Ideas for Happy New Year 2020:

Happy New Year 2020 images

1) Boho Glam Theme:

Get your house converted into a rocking place with the help of beautiful and long feathers. Go Bohemian and celebrate the evening of New Year by taking the advantage of cosy floors, sofas and wall completely decorated with Boho Glams and feathers!

2) Use Poppers:

Poppers at New Year parties are the best thing one can have! Use them to decorate the party place and enjoy your New Year evening with your loved ones.

3) Picture Frames Decoration:

Going to enjoy the New Year’s Eve with your buddies? Then the best way to make their New Year special is by making them realize their importance in your life. Don’t know how to do that? This is when the picture frame theme can take the place!

4) Flowers Theme:

This theme is especially for girl gang who love flowers like hell. If you are going to be with your girls and organizing a surprise for them, then you can use beautiful and colourful flowers as theme to decorate your room, house or party place!

5) Costume Theme:

Decide a fixed costume with your friends and family members, keep a code and wear that on the New Year evening. Click pictures, promise each other various things and create awesome memories. Remember these days will never come back in your life so enjoy them as much as possible because as the time will pass, you will forget the gossip you did but the thing you will remember is “memories”, “happy memories”. So, enjoy each and every moment of your life and if some problems are going between you and your friends or family members, solve them too.

6) Disco Ball Theme:

Love dancing and want to convert your house into a dancing club? This is the time when disco ball theme can takeover. Grab some cool and funky disco balls from the market, decorate them in your house, turn off all the lights, turn the disco ball lights on, turn on the music, forget everything and hit the dance floor with a bash. You know what, if you don’t have friends or you are single, you can enjoy like this alone too. Sometimes, we are dependent on others so much that we think we cannot enjoy alone, but if you look from another point of view, we can enjoy our life ALONE!

7) Party Hats Theme:

Step into the market, get a box of glittery party caps or hats and give each and every body a piece! Take pictures and enjoy the party with them!

8) Champagne Theme:

Number of people, number of champagne bottles! Interesting right? Tell each and every one to bring a champagne bottle with them at the party and enjoy drinks. These cool and interesting ideas can really make your New Year a memorable one and I am sure if you will implement these ideas, you will definitely enjoy your New Year with a bucket of happiness.

Wrapping up on Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year 2020 quotes wishes

So, waiting for what? C’mon get up from your seat and start preparing for celebrating the best New Year. New Year is also the time when we can visit our family members, specially when we are living in different cities.

It is very difficult to give time to our loved ones when we are once settled down in our own life and they keep on waiting and waiting to spend time with us. So, occasions like festivals is the right time to make them happy and make them feel special.

Forget all your past days and this Happy New Year 2020 take some important decisions that will affect your life, forgive your enemies try to solve problems going on in your life, try to be kind to everyone and try to do what you love in a very effective manner.

Call your friends, throw a party! Life is short and it is not at all meant to be hell serious. Don’t get serious and don’t take stress about what is going on. Every difficult situation you are going through are temporary and one day you will laugh when you will talk about these small issues that seems to be a big one at present.

We hope you liked the concept mentioned above and you will implement them in your life when the Happy New Year 2020 will arrive.

A very Happy New Year 2020 to all our readers!