Goa is considered as a happening & wonderful place. There are wonderful beaches, pubs, resorts and the city is surrounded by mother nature. Goa will soon get its second international airport in Mopa in 3 years. Supreme court has successfully given the approval to construct the international airport in North Goa & it is going to be built by the GRM group which is a popular name in the construction industry.

 Second International Airport At Mopa Goa

Second International Airport At Mopa Goa

The government has taken care that due to the construction of this airport, the environment is not going to get affected. GRM group has started the construction after getting the confirmation. The court was doing a delay in approving the clearance of the environment but later on, it was approved by Greenfield airport.

The expert has revisited this decision so that it should not affect the atmosphere of the place and the ecology of Goa. Kapil Kaul who is the CEO of CAPA South Asia said that the more you delay in such complicated construction of the project, the more it will get costly for the consumer and the economy. Finally, after keeping all the necessary points in consideration, the government has given the approval to construct the international airport.

Earlier the deadline for completing the project was September 2020 for contracting the amount of nearly Rs 3000 crores. The chief minister of Goa stated that the airport is expected to get completed by 2021.

What’s more?

In last year because of the delay in the project, the GRM suffered from the loss of amount Rs 50 lacs and according to the agreement the new Airport is of 232 acres land for commercial city side development for 60 years & it will be able to have 30 million annual passengers. The reason for constructing the airport is to beat its capacity of 50 lacs passengers per year. The development will increase the capacity to an annual 1.30 crores by 2022. It will be one of the best Airports and people will feel comfortable to travel in such an airport.