Many people dream to settle down in foreign countries and for that, they have to go through a lot of procedures for getting permission or Green Card to settle. Today we are going to discuss How to Get a Green Card in USA? The USA Government provide citizens various immigration offers through which they can become a permanent resident of United States of America. The question which arises is how? Though there are many ways through which you can get it we will discuss the Top 5 Ways.

How to Get a Green Card in USA? Here Are the Top 5 Ways

How to Get a Green Card in USA?

Green Card also known as United States lawful permanent residency is used for giving a person the authority to settle down in the USA. The validity of a green card is for 10 years, after 10 years you need to renew it.

If you want to get a green card, you have to complete the whole process which takes several years. You cannot get a green card easily.
If a citizen of any country has an approved green card for the USA, the citizen can shift there with their family. If the citizen is Bachelor then also he or she can shift there and become a permanent citizen of USA.
Why get a Green Card?
There are many people who work in multinational companies, many of them are U.S based and it if they are too good at their work they get the opportunity to settle down in the USA for work purpose with their family. In order to settle there for years, they require Green Card.
Let us see which are the Top 5 steps of:

How to Get a Green card in USA?

1. Immigration for Family
–>  If you want to shift the USA with your family with a green card then you must have relatives who are already living in the US like. You can shift with your spouse, unmarried child (age below 22), adopted a child (under 18).

2. Immigration for the employee.
–>  If you have some extraordinary ability if you are working as a researchers or managers/executive in a multinational company you can get a green card.

3. Through Green Card Lottery.
–> You can participate in the green card lottery which is conducted by the department of state in the US.

4. Investors.
–> If you are a foreign entrepreneur and your investment is up to $500,00 in a targeted area which belongs to commercial enterprise and entrepreneurs who invest around $1,000,00 through which the company gets profit, can get a green card.

5. Special Immigrants.
–> If you are a religious worker, the former employee of US government, working in armed forces of US etc, you can get green card easily.

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