Bangalore is amongst the most wonderful cities in the world. It’s ranked as number one in lifestyle and cultural experiences in India and trust us, Nightlife in Bangalore is super happening. Apart from being the most expensive cities in our country Bangalore has some really great experiences to offer to people of every kind. Weather its bookstores, cafes or local restaurants or pubs Bangalore has the best of all.

5 Reasons Why Nightlife In Bangalore Is Super Happening

  1. The New Year’s Eve: On New Year everyone is already boosted up and Bangalore has some really nice pubs to go to. Especially on a New Year’s Eve people have to make advance bookings in order to get an entry, also there’s a hundred meters waiting line outside the pubs two hours before midnight. There’s a great pub situated in Kormangala, Indigo Music Live, which is said to be the best one here, this place offers a rooftop buffet and drinks with live music and a dance floor.
  2. High-end pubs: People are always ready to pay a huge chunk of money just to have a great night. Here in Bangalore, there are many high-end pubs and only a few are allowed to stay open till 1:00 AM. Celebrities and many other high profile people have been spotted in these places, there’s one lounge in UB city which is famous for its rooftop dine-in, the Skyye Lounge.
  3. What weekends are for: There’s always traffic in Bangalore but on weekends the streets are filled with people laughing while smoking their lives off. Seriously if you want to go somewhere on weekends you will need to leave your house two hours before just to get there on time. Usually, on weekends all pubs and bars are filled so there’s also a waiting line to get in. Unfortunately, all the bars and pubs are closed by 12, so there’s not much to do after that.
  4. Long drives with a mini bar in the backseat: since alcohol costs much more in a bar or a pub, people usually buy their own drinks and party at their homes or on a long drive. While there’s a huge risk in drinking and driving here since there’s police in every km the designated driver cannot enjoy that much. Loud music is also not allowed after 11 so even the house parties are quiet. But that doesn’t stop anyone, does it?
  5. How it’s different: Like every other place Bangalore is a combination of working and the cultured crowd. There’s a different kind of vibe over here, lesser drama and lesser crimes. Due to heavy patrolling, there’s less crime which makes it safe for women who work late nights. Alcohol parties aren’t allowed here after a certain time at night, also that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any crimes here. People lose their shit all the time. But in comparison to every other city, Bangalore has lesser drama.

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