What is Full Form Of SAP : What Does SAP Stand For?

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What is Full Form Of SAP : What Does SAP Stand For?

The full form of SAP is Systems, Application and Products. SAP is Software Corporation based on German which makes the software for different enterprise to manage their customer’s relationship and business work. SAP is a well-known and multinational company headquartered in Waldorf, Germany. SAP Company has many offices located in 180 different countries and 335000 customers across 180 countries.

SAP was founded in 1972 after some years, In 1973 SAP software corporation launched product named SAP R/98 which does the multiple task like maintaining the data, centralize store data, etc. SAP is a third largest software company in the world and it operates under Asia, Africa, and South America.

SAP Company has partnership with Global Technology to facilitate users with wide range of providing products, hardware, storage systems and mobile computing technology. Other partners of SAP Software Corporation are Adobe, GK Software, Hewlett-Packard, and so on. SAP Labs are also available for R&D that improves the products. In March 2015, SAP Company launched the App Center that facilitates customers to purchase its products online apart from going through sales channels.

The major competitors of this company are in the enterprise resource planning software industry as well as marketing & sales software, warehousing software, logistics software, etc. SAP Software Corporation primarily develop software to manage business.

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