The ride from Mumbai to Goa is a dream ride for every youth of India. Whether it is bus, train or plane, we all are in excitement about visiting Goa. However, very soon another option will also be available to us. In our present article on, A Ferry Service from Mumbai to Goa will start from December we are going to let you know about the introduction of the waterway in your ride. Kindly go through our article and add up another star to your excitement.

A Ferry Service from Mumbai to Goa – Why?

Union Minister of Transport, Nitin Gadkari made an announcement that signals the re-beginning of the Ferry Service from Mumbai to Goa which was discontinued in late 2004 because of lack of funds! However, now when the government is having an adequate amount of funds, they are starting it again. This jolly ride is having its own advantages and benefits. But, the main will be the fun and a pleasant experience that you will have during the ride.

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What’s the actual plan?

The main motive for starting this service is to utilize the silent sea route which is idle for a long period of time. Gadkari has also directed the Hotels, to start services in the mid of the sea. This will provide the travelers with all the necessary amenities. Another benefit will be the reduction in pollution which the vehicles and trains cause to the environment.

There are many cruises in India right now. With this Ferry Service from Mumbai to Goa, we can make proper utilization of all of them. Each of the cruises will be having luxurious amenities, air-conditioned compartment with the capacity of accommodating almost 250 to 300 passengers.

Ferry Service from Mumbai to Goa 1

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Hence, we might notice the movement in the Arabian sea, which wasn’t there since last some years. We hope you will love this ride from Mumbai to Goa.

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