The director of DAMS and a Radiologist, Dr. Sumer Sethi, shared tips for the aspirants preparing for NEET PG 2018. Dr. Sethi shared useful strategies that you can follow for cracking this prestigious entrance. Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences (DAMS), New Delhi, is one of the best PG medical entrance coaching institutes in India.

NEET PG Entrance Exam is scheduled to be held on January 07, 2018. Since there are only limited days left, all the candidates must work rigorously to prepare for the exam. This article covers various tips shared by Dr. Sethi that you can follow to score well.

Dr. Sumer Sethi

Best Tips Shared by the Expert

As there are only a few days left for the exam, candidates preparing for it must be on their toes. When multiple changes have already been declared to be introduced this year, many students are worried about the correct strategy to be followed for the preparation.

Dr. Suman Sethi relaxed such candidates by sharing various tips for preparation.

  1. Important Things to be Kept in Mind

Multiple changes have been introduced in the exam pattern over the years. Till now, the entrance exam used to take place on multiple days for various students but from now on, it will be held on a single day and in a single slot only.

Additionally, now there is a provision of negative marking. There will be 300 questions where 4 marks will be allotted for each correct answer, one mark will be deducted in case of the incorrect one.

These conditions were not there in previous years. However, no mark will be deducted for the unattempted questions. So, you just need to be very careful while attempting the questions that you are not sure about, considering the negative marking concept.

Dr. Sethi explains that to help DAMS students with preparation, it has recently conducted a series of online mock tests. These mock tests cover around 45,000 questions and will aid DAMS students to ace the examination.

With those many changes being introduced, it is expected that the exam will have many new questions based on the conceptual and image-based topics. So, you need to focus on revising your conceptual notes, rather than going through the guide book topics.

  1. Hot Topics for NEET PG 2018

Dr. Sethi suggests that with just a few days left for the exam, aspirants should now focus on the basic concepts and also should have a thorough knowledge of facts. NEET 2018 will be conducted by the National Board of Examination (NBE), so the paper could contain questions on clinical, one-liners, and visual-based concepts.

Students must revise exhaustively their DVT concepts and other notes. You should utilize the remaining days in revising the topics multiple times and practicing the multiple-choice questions.

  1. Revision Strategy to be Followed in Limited Days

The entrance will be conducted in online mode for all the students and will comprise 300 questions with the negative marking concept. So you must be familiar with the usage of computers for attempting questions. For this, you must attempt as many computer-based mock tests available.

Attempting such mock tests or individual questions on a regular basis will build your confidence for the actual exam. You also need to assess your answers and see improvement over the series of question attempts for the topics.

In addition to this, keep on revising the important topics and concepts repeatedly. Work more on visual-style questions. There is no time to get indulged in the newer topics that you haven’t touched yet. You just have to be very confident with whatever you have learned so far through a series of repeated revisions.

Since there will be 300 questions to be attended in 3 hours, you must know and understand how to manage your time accordingly. Often students spend more time attempting the difficult questions and then leave many of the easier ones unattempted due to a shortage of time.

So, to conclude, these were the best tips shared by Dr. Sumer Sethi for the aspirants going to appear in the exam. You can implement these tips thoroughly in your preparation for the last few days. This will surely assure you good marks in the exam. All the best!