Did you have a bad day at work? Do you just want to sit quietly in your room and regain your calm after a hard day at work? If you feel that nothing can make you smile today, do listen to this hilarious song by ‘Dhinchak Pooja’ that’s been on the internet since a long time. The internet has ROFLed listening to this song and with the funny video that it has.

Dhinchak Pooja has beat not only Taheer Shah, but others like her in the field which I’ll post the video links to this post. Taheer Shah would feel insecure as someone like him has emerged and is trying to take his market! What a shame.

The song is not just about bad lyrics, but also about bad video and really really funny characters. The song does not hold any meaning to it. It seems like Pooja woke up one day thinking she wanted to sing and make a video and she did it with some friends of hers around.

Sorry Pooja, but we think you should work on your skills a little more.