50+ Funny Cobra Kai Memes That Are Relatable AF


With Cobra Kai, Netflix had brought back a long-forgotten classic that you may have dismissed when it first appeared on YouTube Premium in 2010, and you may have completely forgotten about until now. It’s so excruciatingly painful.

50+ Funny Cobra Kai Memes That Are Relatable AF

Let’s check out the funniest collection of memes here.

Cobra Kai Memes Cobra Kai Memes Cobra Kai Memes Cobra Kai Memes Cobra Kai Memes Cobra Kai Memes Cobra Kai Memes Cobra Kai Memes Cobra Kai Memes

After two seasons of catching up with Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), you may find yourself in a state of loneliness and moral perplexity (Barney was correct!). It’s now time to make use of the internet’s infinite recursive possibilities and watch memes about your favorite shows, then watch memes about the memes about your favorite shows. Son, nothing worthwhile ever perishes. (For more recursion, the original films are now available on the Showtime Anytime app.)

Fortunately, you won’t be in this rut for long, as production on Season 3 officially ended in December. Season 3 will be released in 2019, as Netflix has promised. That year will be 2021.

But for now, let’s enjoy this loop. We could all need a little break now and then.

Never in a million years did I imagine that 30 years after The Karate Kid, I’d see this Cobra Kai meme and agree?

We believed Johnny Depp was worse than individuals who cheat in Mario Kart until we saw this Cobra Kai meme.

It’s no wonder Johnny’s team won the first season’s tournament. This Cobra Kai meme highlights the diversity of the dojo’s students.

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There is no arguing with this Cobra Kai meme. In the show, everything that transpired can be linked back to this one incident.

It was a kick in violation of the law! The Cobra Kai meme shows that Daniel was fighting like an MMA scrap and not a points competition.

These Cobra Kai memes are essentially recruiting commercials because if this were a real dojo, we’d all be signing up right away.

How would you characterize Johnny Lawrence? No. But he’s giving it his all, and that’s all you can expect from this Cobra Kai meme.

Keep your head up, YouTube Red subscribers who have been feeling the heat. As a consolation prize, here are some new Cobra Kai memes.

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