Best Office Wear For Women : Since your dream job or internship has finally knocked your door, it is important to put some thoughts into what you wear. Work wear collection has expanded new horizons as fashion in formals has flourished. Not digging my feet into feminism, but admit it, females are a better fashionista! Today we have 7 Best Office Wear For Women Which Will Make Them Look Pretty

Not having Rachel Green from Ralph Lauren to guide us on trends could be one of the answers why there is dilemma regarding formats. Professional attire for women depends mainly on your office dress code. In chorus with your attire, you can choose some pearls, appropriate footwear (both flats and heels are acceptable) and leather handbag. Have a glance at our article for some tips!

7 Best Office Wear For Women Which Will Make Them Look Pretty

7 best office wear for women which will make them look pretty

1.Tailored suits

A well-fitting business suit of right fabric would be a perfect addition to your cart. Suites consist of the blazer and either pair of trousers or skirt in matching the fabric. Once you make sure you recognize the right fabric ensure that you choose classy corporate shades to create a sound impression.

2. Wide leg pants and classy trousers

As companies continue to expand across borders and bringing their culture into the frame, it would be no justice if we don’t consider western attires! Even if you are a girly girl, it is the time to buy some formal pants and trousers of dark colors and wearing it with a white blouse and ladylike tweed jacket on it would ensure elegant corporate look.

3. Plain ruffled tops

If you are planning to run into a party directly after office, wearing a plain ruffled top would serve the purpose. Look fashionable and formal at the same time in your office. Couple it with black pants, tights or skirts and slay the work hours.

4. knee length dress

Want to remain on the ball in work field as well as in fashion? Try wearing unsurpassed contemporary style mixed with classic approach dress. A silhouette dress with interesting necklines would give a more sophisticated look. Picking gray or tanned shades would give a more polished look. A simple A-line or simple dress without flounces or floral pattern paired with a scarf would give the more decent appearance.

5. Casual Kurtis and leggings

Tired of wearing the monotonous shirts and blazers to work every day? It’s the time to give some Indian touch in your formals. Fashion block Kurtis can be good option to go to. You can wear collared chikankari kurta, which would be comfortable as well as executive. HINT: try on mint cream or peach color!

6. Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts and A-line skirts are the most appropriate options for the business casual environment. Since printed skirts are setting new trends, you can choose some fit and flare style. It is best to choose cotton blend skirt to minimize wrinkling. Contrast your skirt with a formal top of distinct color to make your outfit look perfect.

7. Saree

Saree Office Wear For Women

Sarees for office wear does project a certain pride in a tradition that adds to one’s personality that is projected in an office environment. Choose lighter hues of gray and yellow teamed with simple boat necked blouse. It is rightly said that your choice of saree implies not only taste but love for high-quality things!

We hope our article will be helpful to you for getting familiar with Best Office Wear For Women.

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