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Christmas in London: It’s that time of the year to sing Jingle bells and decorate Christmas trees and feast you on some delicious Turkey! It is often said that one should visit London to experience the authentic Christmas vibes. London air speaks of festivity and calls for celebration throughout the day and night. From jolly activities to fun rides, to singing Christmas carols and winter markets, London won’t ever disappoint you at this time of the year. Christmas in London is indeed something to brag about.

christmas in london

It’s almost on every other person’s list to celebrate Christmas in London and get that once in a lifetime experience. But, many people who stay out of the city and plan to visit it at this time do not know what exactly happens in the city during Christmas. Hence, this article will provide a small guide to the audience as to what they can expect from Christmas in London.

1)  It’s Time To Put On Your Skates

Cover yourself up and get ready to relive your childhood memories back by going for Ice skating. Christmas in London does include. Ice skating on it’s hit list. One of the most famous ice rinks is the 18th century Somerset House’s ice rinks which attract the largest crowds. The other very well ice skating places include the Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink, Tower of London ice rink, National History Museum ice rink and the rooftop rink at Skylight. Christmas is all about ‘falling’ and having fun!

2) Famous Concert

London has quite a good name for the famous concerts that take place throughout this season. If you want to spend some family time, then grab the tickets and go to Jingle Blues Christmas Party with the Chicago Blues Brothers or enjoy yourself at the Raymond Gubbay Christmas Festival. Your fun doesn’t stop here because you can always go and soak yourself in the Christmas festivity in the carol services in London’s beautiful churches.

3) It’s The Time To Shop

Girls, this is your time to seize the moment! It’s Christmas time, so what are you waiting for? Go out gourmet shopping at Fortnum & Mason, hop onto the exquisite boutiques located on the King’s Road in Chelsea, or bring a smile to your kid’s face by taking them to the top 10 toyshops in London and buy them amazing Christmas gifts; if you are a bookworm then go ahead and visit the five-floored Foyles or to the Daunt Books. Last but not least Christmas in London also means that you can always go and discover some quirky toys at London’s museum shops such as Science Museum or Natural History Museum.

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4)  Enjoy The Drinks And Food

Christmas in London spells of food and drinks! So, it is time to hit the famous London rooftop bars and the festive cocktails at London are the best drinking spots. Go and splash out at some of London’s Michelin-starred restaurants or feast yourself in the finger-licking puddings and mince pies at Harrods.

5) Enjoy The Sparkling Lights

celebrate Christmas In London

Christmas in London means that the streets will be sparkling with beautiful Christmas lights which will be a feast for the eyes. If you are not a native of London and want to get the real Christmas vibe, then just simply walk on the long London lanes and let your eyes enjoy some green, yellow, blue and red light. No festive fests or ice skating experiences can beat this lifetime experience of soaking oneself in the beauty of fairy lights that adorn the streets of London. Go to Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, Regent Street, Carnaby Street, and Kew Gardens among others and mesmerize yourself with the beautiful lights.

6)  Visit the Churches

What’s Christmas without a visit to the famous Churches of London? It’s not always about the religious factor but if you want to enjoy the Christmas feel in London, then do visit some of the famous churches in London. The entire atmosphere inside a Church is completely different and gives you all the pleasant festive vibes. One of the most famous and oldest churches in London, the St.Paul’s Cathedral Church is a massive crowd puller. Thousands of people go to that church on that day to get into a festive mode and listen to Christmas Carols!

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7) Make Christmas Memories

It’s not always about Ice skating or splurging on food during Christmas. Christmas in London can also mean going for a romantic stroll through the colorful Enchanted Woodland or experiencing the Victorian-style Christmas at Kensington Palace. You can also enjoy some Classic Christmas movies that are aired at Cinema in the Snow and Snow Kingdom. You can also soak yourself up in the festivity at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. After all, Christmas is all about making beautiful and joyful memories with your family and friends!

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Wrapup about Christmas In London

We hope you found our article useful. Kindly let us know if you have more ideas to celebrate Christmas in London. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope you have lots of fun.

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