Looking for Christmas Events Near Me? It’s December, and we can already hear Santa Claus giggling his way into the town. The Christmas vibes are kicking in with full thrust. Preparations are at the peak. It is again that time of the year when you can get to taste a variety of cakes and bakeries. This festival, being the last festival of the year, is celebrated with much pomp and gaiety.

Christmas Events Near Me – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

christmas events near me

How Are The Preparations Done?

People seem excited about celebrating the last festival of the year with great entertainment. They start their preparations a month before Christmas. The bakeries start accepting orders for baking cakes and cookies, and there is a huge rush. The marketplaces are also full of bright, colorful and showy decorative items.

What Makes The Event Spectacular?

To get an idea of how grand the event is, you can search on the internet Christmas events near me, and you will come across some of the places with the best Christmas celebrations. The streets are filled with the aroma of cakes and bakeries. They are decorated with lights, Christmas trees, and colorful papers. The first and foremost requirement of Christmas decorations is a Christmas tree. While searching for Christmas events near me, you will come across places where a majestic Christmas tree stands in the middle of the street with lights and all the decorations all over it. One cannot imagine Christmas without bells and stars. Bells and stars, both small and large ones, are used for decorating rooms, streets and Christmas trees during Christmas.

However, every place wants its decoration to be different and unique. When you look at Christmas events near me, you will also come across the different things they use for decoration. In this article, we will also discuss different ways in which you can spend your Christmas evening.

best christmas events near me

Some Interesting Things You Can Do On A Christmas Evening

If you still cannot figure out how to spend your Christmas after looking for Christmas events near me, this article will give you a list of ways in which you can enjoy your Christmas if you are staying in St. Louis.

1) This is the time of the year when the floral designer exhibits their masterpieces and sells them. Floral designs are also commonly used in Christmas decorations. The floral designers arrange dried flowers, beads and much more in wires and bend them into garlands. These garlands are used widely for Christmas decorations. You can pay a visit to Missouri Botanical Garden and grab a few.

2) You can check out the spectacular display of Christmas light. You will get to witness this from Winter Wonderland which is in Tilles Park to the Way of Lights in which is Belleville. Lights are a common decorative item used on almost all occasions. They jazz a place up. Nowadays apart from chains and strands of lights, there are many other kinds of lights available on the market. Some of them cast shadows in different shapes while some of the cast dots due to the presence of laser lights. All these lights light up a place and make it look magnificent.  You can also just stroll around Winter Wonderland in Tilles Park and enjoy the view there.

3) There is a wide range of events available for children. Some of the top attractions of St. Louis are featuring an event named “Breakfast with Santa.” With the availability of different offers like meals, treats, and photographs with Santa, your kid will thoroughly enjoy himself/herself. You can also arrange for a magical journey with Santa for your child. You can also do some skating with Santa at Steinberg Rink in Forest Park.

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4) You can also visit the 1800’s Daniel Boone Home in Defiance, Missouri. Visitors can come here for a candlelight tour where one can take a walk through this historic place lit by candles.

5) Florissant in Old Town is well known for its Christmas festivities. Here Santa Claus arrives just after 2 pm and the lighting up of the Christmas tree of the town at 5 pm marks the end of it. The merrymaking takes place throughout the afternoon.

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6) Make yourself happy with an overdose of chocolate treats at Grafton Winery.

7) Some of the ancient homes in Soulard are specially decorated for Christmas celebrations. You can take a walk with them and enjoy the sight.

8) Omnimax, St Louis, also arranges for special shows for kids.

9) Christmas seems to be a perfect time for children with so many things to do and so many places to visit. All the children who are aged between three years to nine years are invited to the St. Louis Carousel in Faust Park. There they have to make reindeer ornaments and enjoy treats.

With so many things to do, one cannot just stay back at home during Christmas events near me. So start making plans for how you are going to spend the last festival of the year and make it memorable, thus ending the year on a sweet note.

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Wrapup on Best Christmas Events Near Me

We hope all your doubts about Christmas events near me are clear now. Let us know in the comment box how you are planning to celebrate this ears Christmas eve. Also, we hope you have a very good time with your friends and family. We wish you Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020