Looking for some chihuahua memes to laugh on? If yes, then I have got your back. Chihuahua is one popular dog breed which has a huge fan following in the world of pets, partly thanks to Deer Head Chihuahuas being in Legally Blonde and Taco Bell ads. As well as in the world of memes.

We all know about a Chihuahua dog wearing a pink collar giving two facial expressions. On one side, the dog looks cute and pretty, and on the other side, the dog is getting angry. And we must say that the meme is pretty hilarious.

Also, the internet has been really creative with the chihuahua meme template, and there are too many memes that can make anyone laugh instantly.

50+ Funny Chihuahua Memes For Anyone Who Loves The Little Spicy Dogs

So if you are looking for some funny chihuahua memes to laugh at, then check these below memes out:

Barks behind your back

chihuahua memes

I’m not Yellin!!!

chihuahua memes

Its at nothing.

The Anatomy of Chihuahua
chihuahua memes

A secret you already knew 😉

Hey! Do you want?


Headphones to avoid socializing

chihuahua memes

when you get an a on a test.

When you fart…

My sister at home v/s in public

chihuahua memes

When you order 4 shots of tequila

6 year old me

Wake up in the middle of the night.

Feel Good

I can’t eat at all.

chihuahua memes

What the media sees v/s reality

Starving and see the food coming 😀

chihuahua memes

Let there be LOVE

Cookies for Sleeping

Before and After

When you takeoff your makeup

chihuahua memes

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