Using a sequence of response picture macros of a black and white image of the character Vault Boy from the computer game Fallout with his arms outstretched to create the Vault Boy “Hold Up” piece is a mesmerizing part of imagination. The caption “hold up” is used to communicate a wish for someone to halt what they are saying, comparable to the phrase Excuse Me What The Fuck You’re Saying. In the hold up memes, we see a black and white character named Vault boy, who comes from the fallout series. The main reason for the intended use of the hold up meme is the reaction to weird comments, posts, statements, etc.

50+ Funny Hold Up Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Anonymous User on the chan message board submitted the picture on September 7th, 2017, which is the first publicly documented instance. The message written underneath is sent everywhere in response to an earlier image in the thread: “I didn’t even see the elephant until other people began bringing it up in conversation. The fucking fuck.”

Hold Up Memes Hold Up Memes Hold Up Memes Hold Up Memes Hold Up Memes

A mascot for the Fallout series, Vault Boy, is a character in the game Fallout 3. He is a member of the Vault-Tec marketing campaign, and he intends to appeal to the American public in 2077. In different Fallout games, players will be able to recognize him on a slew of advertisements and instructional pamphlets all across the globe. The picture was uploaded in the /r/MemeEconomy subreddit on September 17th by Redditor Mciscool200, who garnered more than 980 points (with 97 percent of the votes going to him) and 180 comments less than a year. According to the group, the photograph read, “When you usually make jokes about wanting to die, but someone takes out a gun.”

The main reason for the outrageous popularity of the hold up meme is because it describes the Vault-boy character, which has its fan base. Now, this hold up meme has taken over the internet, and we see it everywhere as a reaction to any post over Twitter, Instagram, Redditt, Facebook, or even any situation. This hold up meme is eccentric but is the perfect reaction for any situation. So next time whenever you plan to answer anything on social media platforms do not forget to try a hold-up meme.