Navratri is the most anticipated celebration in Gujarat as individuals in Gujarat are insane and especially love Navratri playing dandiya with Garba move which is likewise broadly known as the people move of Gujarat. Ever wondered where to buy Chaniya Choli for Girls?

Chaniya Choli

A number of individuals from various places from all over the world visit diverse urban areas of Gujarat like Surat, Ahmedabad, Vadodara just to appreciate and watch the Garba and Dandiya. As all of you should be realizing that amid Navratri, we revere goddess Durga and on this event individuals do the Garba dance for 9 days as a love.Both men and women are very much fond of Garba Dance and today we are going discuss amazing dressing styles. How you can dress differently to look unique. Below is the Top 7 Chaniya Choli for Girls to Impress This Navratri.

 Top 7 Chaniya Choli for Girls to Impress This Navratri.

  1. Galore Lehengas
  • There are thousands of varieties available in the market if you explore and one of them is Galore Lehengas. You will find Galore Lehengas at reasonable rates easily.


  1. Turquoise Georgette Lehenga.
  • Designed by 9Rasa, you can wear Turquoise Georgette Lehenga which comes in attractive colors. If you love to be simple then you must buy this kind of Lehengas.


  1. Stitched Cotton Lehengas.
  • If you want to buy multi-colored lehengas at a good price and that too cotton clothes then go and buy it online or from the market. You can choose the color as per your choice as you must be knowing that which color suits you the best.


  1. Net Lehengas.
  • Girls are very fond of net dresses having multiple colors. So, you can buy net lehengas for this Navratri. If you only want to wear net lehengas then you must buy 9 net lehengas of various colors like red, orange, yellow, blue and more.


  1. Red and White Colour Chania Choli.
  • Remember Deepika Padukone in Ram- Leela movie. She has worn a combo of red and white lehenga in the song Lahu Mu Lag Gaya of that movie. You can also wear this color combination to look different.


  1. Traditional Lehenga with Embroidery.
  • Why to forgot the actual embroidery Lehenga made in Gujarat.
  • If you are an actual Gujarati and want to flaunt the tradition of Gujarat then you must wear a Traditional Lehenga with Embroidery of any color.
  1. Royal Lehenga.
  • If you belong to a royal family and want people to know what is the dressing style of Royal people during the festival then you can wear royal lehengas of various colors.


Mentioned above are the Top 7 Chania Choli Dress to Impress This Navratri which you can wear and buy matching accessories and put light makeup to look unique.

In the last, I want to say it wear the dress in which you feel comfortable and don’t miss out a single day of this festival. We hope you will enjoy Navratri to the fullest and make new memories. Keep dancing, keep enjoying!

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