Confused about what to wear in Las Vegas? Well, “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” This term has become popular over the years and it has every right to be. Vegas is the nightlife capital and you have the chance of going crazy with your over-the-top outfits. But you don’t want to look back at those photos and think, “Why was I wearing that?” So, here we have a few tips on What to wear in Las Vegas.

What to wear in Las Vegas

If you are planning to bet big and make a trip to Las Vegas, then your suitcase is going to be a bit different than the typical family vacation ones. Here is what you should have.

1. Casual Clothes in the Day

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It is not like you’ll be partying all the time and hitting the pool. So, while doing stuff like sightseeing, grabbing some lunch, or shopping, put on normal everyday clothes. Keep a jacket with you in case it gets a bit chilly around the evening. And don’t forget to bring a bag so that you can fill it up with things that you buy.

2. Evening Wear

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People from all around the world visit Vegas every year, so you are bound to see looks of every kind. If you are planning to hit a fancy restaurant, dress a little on the formal side. Guys should go with a blazer and dress pants. A cute little dress for the ladies will be great along with a cardigan in case it gets a tad cold.

3. Shoes

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Whether you are taking a stroll on The Strip or dancing in a nightclub, you need something that is comfortable. Something you should be able to easily move in will be great. Bring shoes that match with your clothes well like neutral shoes that match with your clothes throughout the evening.

4. Pool party wear

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Daytime pool clubs are a thing in Vegas and it is a must visit place for all the party animals. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to actually swim but you can relax at the poolside and enjoy. Fashion is more important than function and you can dive in with full makeup too. Guys, throw on the Ray-Bans and some gel in your hair. And girls have the perfect opportunity to hit the waves with a cute bikini and a cover-up.

5. Nightclubs

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This can be a bit tricky because everyone is thinking os the same thing so you don’t want to end up like everyone else waiting in the line. Put on your best party dress and heels and you are good to go. Even dark jeans and a sexy top will do. For men, this part is a bit tough. No flip-flops, hats, shorts, tennis shoes, or those jeans with god-awful holes in them. Put on a designer shirt, dress shoes or even a blazer to top it all off.

Now you have a better idea as to What to wear in Las Vegas. If you have found this article to be helpful, stay updated to get more updates on lifestyle.

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