As one of Europe’s most popular countries, Germany is a hotspot for holiday travel. After the hustle and bustle of Christmastime, travelers seek out the perfect destination to end the year right. Whether you are leaving for a romantic getaway or a family adventure, welcoming the New Year in Germany is always a great idea. During the holiday season, this Country has a lot to offer. The celebrations, parties, and rituals are different from what is usually done around the world on the eve of New Year’s. Listed below are the best ways to have a wonderful and unforgettable New Year’s Eve.

Celebrate New Year In Germany

New Year’s Eve In Germany

Let’s dive deep into the best way to celebrate New Year in Germany without wasting any time. Check out the list below.

1) Have The Famous Raclette (Roasted Cheese)

This is a very popular dish in Germany, even though this delightful dish of the melted cheese was first invented in Switzerland. Raclette refers to both the cheese and the dish that it is made along with. It is a dish that is commonly served during the winters in Germany and hence has become a tradition for the Germans to welcome the year with this infamous dish.

2) Street Party At Brandenburg Gate In Berlin

Brandenburg Gate In Berlin

It is a popular fact among all that, no celebration is ever complete without a party, especially a party which is grand. The Germans sure do know this and keep this in mind every year which celebrating New Years’. They throw a grand fiesta for the entire town. The whole city of Berlin comes together once a year and throws a grand fiesta at the Brandenburg Gate. This celebration starts at 2 in the afternoon on the eve of New Year and goes on until 4 am the next day. The best part of this fiesta is that it is free! It is not only free for the locals but also for the visitors. They experience a wide range of fireworks after midnight. There are musical performances during the evening, and also a wide range of entertainment on the streets. This enhances the jubilant atmosphere on the eve of the New Year.

3) Enjoy A Glass Of ‘Sekt’ At Midnight

It is a common culture among many traditions all around the world to mark a celebration with special food or a drink. Here, in Germany, the locals welcome the upcoming year by ‘clinking’ a glass of ‘Sekt’ or which is also known as the ‘German white wine’. They do this with their loved ones. When the clock strikes 12 at midnight, the Germanys clink the glass of wine and say, ‘Prosit Neujahr’. This is the German way of saying. ‘may the new year succeed’.

4) Feuerzangenbowle

In addition to the Sekt, Feuerzangenbowle, which is a popular German New Years’ drink is also consumed on that day. This is something the non-wine lovers have on New Year’s Eve. The drawback of this drink is that it is very complicated to make and hence is slightly more expensive than regular drinks. But, if you’re willing to spend a little extra to make your evening memorable, then you should go for it!

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5) Watch The Cult Classic “Dinner For One” On Your Television

There are some traditions that are followed throughout the world, which are solely based on habits. These habits are subconscious, but in the long, they turn into a tradition. There is one such tradition which is followed by the German’s on New Year’s Eve. This is the tradition of watching a comedy skit called ‘Dinner for One’. This show first aired in Germany in the year 1963, and since then has been penetrated the minds of the people there. And, to this day, the locals cherish this show and proudly follow this tradition every year. So, if you see many Germans turning back into the black and white era on the eve of New Year, don’t be surprised! Maybe, you can also give watching this show a try! Who knows, you may also enjoy it, and inculcate it as a part of your tradition from the coming year.

6) Bleigießen

This means, ‘lead pouring’. This is an old practice in Germany, to use ‘lead like tea leaves’ to predict the future. In the English language, it is known as, ‘molybdomancy’. A small about of lead is melted into a tablespoon and then, it is poured into a bowl or a bucket. The pattern it falls in is used to predict the future of the coming year. So, go ahead, and see what the coming year has waiting for you!

7) Get Pendulum!

Sounds very absurd, doesn’t it? Well, this is another way of predicting what is going to happen in the coming year by the Germans. The Germans get a pendulum on the eve of New Year and are the pendulum a question about the coming year. After that, the pendulum is swung. If it turns clockwise, then the answer to your question is yes, else the answer is no. this is a very famous tradition and is done by all the Germans every year on the eve of New Year to keep them prepared for the year.

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8) Watch The Fireworks In new years eve in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a bustling city that comes alive on the eve of New Year every year. This is because the city has made a niche for itself, for an incredible and very memorable fireworks show on New Year’s Eve. It has its celebration in such a manner that, it leaves all the cities around it envious. At the clock strikes 12 at midnight on the eve of New Year, all the citizens gather around the banks of the river Main to watch the spectacle ‘unfurl’. The celebrations here in Frankfurt add some romance, warmth to the sub-freezing temperatures that the city experiences during this holiday season.

9) Be A Part Of The Cologne Cathedral Celebrations

Cologne is one of the oldest cities in Germany. And, it must be said that despite this, the people of this city do not hesitate to celebrate New Year’s Eve to its fullest, with joy and happiness. Every year, on the eve of New Year’s, thousands of people from all around the city gather around the visible radius of the massive Cologne Cathedral to perform various activities. You can witness a lot of singing, dancing, and partying here. You will also witness the fireworks light up the sky, with the Cathedral in the background. What’s more, is that restaurants all around the city center offer outdoor seating to its customers. They also provide a party-like atmosphere to its visitors so that they can be a part of the celebrations and not feel left out.

10) Devour Some Berliners (The Jelly Filled Doughnuts)

Beginning something by having a sweet is a tradition is not uncommon as it is followed throughout the world. So, one must not be surprised when they hear about the Germans kick-starting the year by indulging themselves in Berliners. They are soft, mushy, savory, and delightfully sweet pastries stuffed with mouth-watering fillings like jam, chocolate, peanut butter, or any other liquid gel-based substance.

With the numerous traditions and celebrations that the Germans follow every year, it is a sure thing for the visitors to this country to have a memorable and very eventful New Year. Is there anything more that you would ask for? We guess not! So what are you waiting for? Confused about where to celebrate your New Year’s Eve? Well, we have the answer for you!