This woman who lives in Brazil went head over heels for a man who actually robbed her and as of today, their weird love story has been massively shared by people on social media. The couple put forward their love story in a Twitter video which has gathered approximately 38,000 views.

“I was walking down the street where he lives and unfortunately, I was mugged,” the woman, whose name is Emanuela, informed while going down memory lane about her “first date” at an event organised in Brazil, New York Post reported. The thief, informed in the video that he had started to feel differently for the woman post he saw her picture on her phone.

Stealing phone

“I was going through a difficult situation because I didn’t have a woman, you know,” said the unidentified man. “When I saw her photo on the phone, I said to myself ‘What a beautiful brunette, you don’t see a brunette like that every day,’ and I regretted stealing it,'” he further said. The person listening to their love story said jokingly, “So you stole her phone and then her heart?” To which, the man replied, “Exactly”.


As per the Post, the two of them as of today have been in a relationship for about two years. Although, we are still not sure if the woman’s parents do agree with having a person who was once a robber as their daughter’s partner.

At the same time, their weird love story has left Twitter users with different views. Few users pointed out that such weird love stories can happen only in Brazil, while some users regarded the story rather interesting and held a view that love could blossom anywhere and in any situation.

“Love can accomplish anything,” said one user. “Sounds like a comedy, but it’s real Brazil,” said another.