Television is still one of the greatest forms of entertainment in India. But to seamlessly watch different channels on your television, you will need a set top box. There are different set top box service providers in India. Therefore, choosing the right one for you often becomes a complicated task. Dig deeper to see a quick checklist for choosing the right set top box and a channel pack for your home.


1) What Are the Features of Your Set Top Box?

You will have to check some of the features of your set top box. For instance, the picture quality offered by the connection will matter while choosing your set top box. You will not want to pay for a connection with bad picture quality. You can get various types of set top boxes depending on your budget. For instance, you can get an android set top box. It will ensure that you can watch live TV and stream content from OTT apps. You will also get a remote that supports voice search. A blessing for the couch potatoes out there!

2) How Many Channels Are Available?

DTH service providers offer various channel packs to the subscribers which are priced over and above the cost of the set top box. While choosing a set top box and a plan for your home, be wary of the numerous options and combo packs available. You need to remember that the pack will have several channels you won’t ever watch. You will find several regional channels which you might not be interested in watching. Before choosing your pack, you should see whether the channels you won’t watch are for free—otherwise, there is no point in unnecessarily paying for the channels. If you don’t get the content you want, having too many channels won’t matter.

3) Are You Planning to Stream HD Content?

Whether you are planning to stream HD content or not is an important question to ask. If you do, you should take an HD connection. An HD set top box will offer more features than a normal one. But you will obviously have to pay more for the HD channels. HD set top boxes are connected to your television using HDMI. A single digital cable will be responsible for both audio and video. If you have a crunch of space and are looking for a less messy TV setup, an HD connection should be your choice. Digital sound and premium picture quality will enhance your TV-viewing experience.

Tata Play: Shaping the Future of Entertainment

Tata Play, formerly known as Tata Sky, is one of the biggest DTH service providers in India. The brand with more than one and half decades of running in the industry is providing a wholesome entertainment experience to the viewers which includes DTH as well as OTT.

You can now get Tata Play Binge+ Android set top box and fibre-to-home broadband from Tata Play. If you are always hungry for content on OTT platforms, you will benefit from taking a Tata Play connection.

Tata Play Binge+ combo packs offer Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, and several other popular OTT platforms. The perfect blend of satellite TV and OTT content will provide a bodacious viewing experience to customers. With a new name and new energy, Tata Play is all set to entertain its customers more than before. Therefore, you can blindly put your trust in Tata Play when it comes to choosing an entertainment provider. Browse through the different packs and get your connection today.