The best e-commerce platform should provide you with a way to run a full-fledged online store and manage everything related to it. Only a few of them, however, support in-store sales by providing a POS system like Shopify. So, how does it’s POS System compare against another POS solution, Bindo POS?

Does The Best Ecommerce Platform Have The Ideal POS System?- Shopify Vs. Bindo

Shopify vs Bindo POS

Point of Sale (POS) systems helps to automate the checkout process in physical stores, whether it’s a permanent setup or pop-up stores. Shopify, an extremely popular e-commerce platform, also provides a point-of-sale system in all its plans. Shopify POS, with one of the best ecommerce platform as the backend, enables retailers to manage their in-store sales and integrate it with their online operations.

  • Shopify and Bindo POS are both cloud-based multi-channel solutions. Bindo POS enables brick & mortar retailers to compete with online merchants.
  • Shopify solely focuses on small, medium sizes and large retail businesses. Bindo POS includes features for restaurants as well.
  • Both are mobile device based systems. Bindo POS works on iPads, while Shopify POS works on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.
  • You can import all your inventory from your existing store into your POS system on both solutions.
  • You can easily create and manage product catalogs with both solutions.
  • Both the POS systems allow you to scan the barcodes on products in the customers shopping cart, accept different payment methods, split tenders, create customer profiles and loyalty programs.
  • Shopify POS enables you to integrate POS customer profiles with your other sales channels to track customer shopping patterns, create customer loyalty programs and perform targeted marketing. Bindo POS also provides all these features.
  • Shopify POS and Bindo POS makes it easy to track, update in real-time and manage your inventory
  • With both Bindo POS and Shopify POS, you can also manage purchase orders
  • Both POS solutions allow you to create and manage discount coupons, gift cards and more.
  • Shopify and Bindo POS both allow PIN-based staff accounts, staff tracking, and management
  • You also have cash management features in both
  • Automatic daily backups keep your information safe and always available on the cloud with both POS solutions
  • Shopify POS integrates with Shopify analytics and reporting system to give you all the tools you need to extract meaningful information from your POS data. Bindo POS also has good analytical and reporting tools.
  • You can add new products dynamically in both systems
  • Shopify provides features for multi-channel sales and cross-channel management of retail operations. Bindo’s storefront feature enables POS integration with your online store.
  • Shopify POS users can process payments through Shopify Payments or use any other gateway. Bindo POS users can use Bindu Payment gateway or integrate with any other payment processor within 24-hours.
  • Shopify is fully PCI DSS compliant and provides smooth integration with a huge selection of payment gateways. Bindo POS payment processing is secure and PCI compliant.
  • With both systems, you can accept all types of payments  – swipe, chip, or contactless payments.
  • Shopify lets you set up and use custom payment methods like store credit, IOU, gold coins etc. With Bindo POS, you can accept payments through credit cards, Apple Pay and other custom payments.
  • You can easily manage returns, refunds, and offer store credit on both POS solutions.
  • Both Shopify and Bindo offer mobile POS systems. This way you can take the payment processor to the customer to reduce walkouts due to long queues.
  • Both POS systems can interact with other business solutions like Quickbooks.

Which Should You Choose?

  • Shopify and Bindo POS are both good choices for point-of-sale operations. Both are cloud-based and you can choose from different subscription plans to suit your current needs and upgrade later as your business needs grow.
  • Both are secure, scalable solutions and provide all the features needed to manage your in-store sales. Bindo POS and Shopify POS allow you to integrate your POS with your online store. Bindo POS additionally offers a marketplace allowing your customers a way to order online if you don’t have an online store.

Shopify is one of the best ecommerce platform in the market. It provides all the tools to manage in-store sales and also to set up a full-fledged online store. You can sell in-store, online, or in pop-up stores when you use Shopify. You can also sell on eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other channels. You can manage all your cross channels sales, inventory and customer profiles through one dashboard

If you’re looking for a POS solution for restaurants, Bindo POS might be the right choice for you. Bindo POS also offers features specifically for restaurants like table management, waitlist system, reservation system, and more.