Is Facebook down ? What will happen if the Facebook server crashed? People are addicted to Facebook so much that they spend a minimum of 2 hours daily doing nothing except stalking there friends photos and chatting with people in their friend’s list. What if Facebook server crashed ? We have a list of things that will happen if Facebook down and the server crashed ??

We don’t hope such issue come in future as we love the online world of Facebook but yes facebook down is searched by thousands of people at the moment as they are facing updating status on their wall. Not only Facebook, but the Facebook family which includes Whatsapp and Instagram are also down. Are you facing any issue sending photos or attachment on Whatsapp? Are you able to upload new photos on Instagram? No! It is because Facebook is down along with it’s family Apps.

Facebook Down? What will be Life Without Facebook?

facebook down

1) Candy Crushers will have to buy real candies to crush. LOL

candy crush facebook down

Facebook down = No entertainment for candy crush users

2) The STALK-market Will go Down – No girls to Stalk at

3) Everyone has some extra friends on Facebook account whom they don’t know. Sadly, they will miss out a chance of knowing new people … Too big a loss you know !!! lol

facebook friends

4) People will switch on to other social networking sites like Twitter

5) Social Media managers will get fired.

6) Facebook celebrities (all those girls with thousands of followers for nothing) finally will face reality.

facebook down girls crying

7)  Folks at Twitter will be the happiest and celebrate a MEGA Party.

8) Facebook down And Zuckerberg will be Like – Blank.

facebook down mark zuckerberg

So what do u think will happen? Let us know below in the comment section. We are sure you have a lot of crazy ideas to do if Facebook goes down.

We know Facebook is down so we have shared few Facebook Alternatives to keep you busy till FB is up and running.